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Seattle: Stolen Bicycle

Stolen 9/16 in front of Tribunali –

  • 53cm White and green Lemond (late 90’s model)
  • Shimano triple crank
  • chris king headset
  • velocity dyad rear wheel
  • newish schwalbe marathon plus tires

Help Jeanette out by keep your eyes peeled!

Bicycle, Events, Travel

What a whirl. And the week ahead.

Those of you that follow the blog may have noticed a lack of posts recently.

I just got back to Seattle after 4 months of commercial fishing in Alaska. The season went well, fish were caught, a couple boats sank, other than a few exciting days with weather and mechanical issues it was just another season in Alaska.  There will likely be a few posts in the coming days recapping the fishing season if you have any interest in bikes, boats and beers- the “three B’s” that make up life as I know it.  About 6 weeks ago my computer had a little run in with a cocktail. Apparently computers don’t like mixed drinks, and it was shipped to Seattle- out of commission until I picked it up again from the shop yesterday.

So here we are. Tomorrow is the first day of Interbike, and Go Means Go will be there, bringing you all the things that catch our eye. Drinking beer and hob nobbing with other bike geeks and industry folks from around the world.  This will be our 3rd year in Vegas, and we are really looking forward to it.

Ryan unfortunately will be making the trip alone as circumstances beyond their control will prevent the rest of the GMG crew from attending. Boo.

Give us a holler if there is anything in particular that you’d like us to look for- Interbike can be a bit of a labyrinth and focus is key.  One of the things that I just heard about and look forward to fondling in person is:

We are also looking forward to seeing what Gates Carbon Drive is up to, as well as our friends at Chrome, Dodici, Raleigh, Traitor, Mission Workshop, and many others.

Follow us on the Twitter, Facebook, and watch the blogs for updates and snapshots of the week to come!