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Seattle Halloween Midnight Mystery Ride

Hey Seattle. So I would first like to say thanks to Messman for his decade of organizing the Messquerade. Life has changed and he is now able to enjoy Halloween with his family as proper trick-or-treaters, leaving the rest of us degenerates to fend for ourselves. Thanks for your efforts over the years and I hope you enjoy the time doing whatever “proper trick-or-treaters” do.

That does leave a bunch of people wondering what the hell they’ll be doing come Halloween time. Maile decided to put something together the Friday prior to Halloween in order to get people out on bikes. There will likely be alcohol and debauchery, as it does parallel a Point83 event- the midnight races at Greenlake.

So mark your calendars- get your costume ready, your lights affixed- and get awesome.

This is from Maile:
Facebook invite HERE

Friday, October 28!

Kick off your awesome Halloween weekend in five easy steps:

1. Put on a super-sweet costume
2. Ride your bike to the Greenlake bleachers at 11:30 PM
3. Cheer on the Midnight Greenlake race – join in if you want to!
4. Ride about five easy miles to a super-secret location
5. Go crazy!

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