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Retroshift- Now available!

From Adam at Retroshift:

Strong, Light or Cheap, the usual saying is “pick two.” With Retroshift you can now have all three. Utilizing proven and durable bar-end/down-tube shifters a fully serviceable Retroshift system is lighter than Ultegra 6700 and easily comes in at under half the price (about 1/3rd if you already have shift levers on hand) and ongoing costs of ownership are lower still. A Stronger, Lighter, Cheaper alternative to STI it offers a great option where the advantages of Retroshift are desired. Cross, Touring, Commuting etc.

We are up and running and in just the first month shipped not only within the USA but also to Japan, Canada, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway and the Czech Republic. We have been contacted by distributors in a number of countries including TKC Productions who will be distributing in Japan (they also distribute Portland Design Works and Tonic). Overall we are thrilled at the response.

The initial system is selling very well and we are running a little low on the model 0ne and Werle Red and are looking at doing a second run of parts in the coming month to remedy this. We are also working with a manufacturer to have custom shift levers produced to best match the system and hope by the fall to have complete systems (with shifters) available. We are just starting to set up a network of dealers in the U.S.

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