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Profile Road & CX hubs

Profile Racing– well known for their BMX components as well as their contributions to the fixed gear and MTB world, will be adding a line of hubs for road and cyclocross. For fans of well built products that are made in the USA- as well as those that love anodized parts- this will make you very happy.


Profile is employing the same driver system that they currently use in their Elite BMX and MTB hubs.  That of the Ultradive.  Six oversized pawls and 68 steps on the ratchet ring, give you forward motion as soon as you press down the pedals.  The rear hubs are offered in 24, 28 and 32 hole.  They have higher, slotted flanges, with a spacing that needs a minimum of dish. They are currently available as a SRAM/Shimano 9-10 speed body, but fans of Campagnolo fear not- as a Campy 10/11 speed body is expected by springtime.  Black and silver anodized is currently available, with anodizing available in limited quantities.

These R/C hubs aren’t the lightest available, with with rear weighing in at 302g.  That is similar to what you might expect on a MTB.  The front balances it out a little bit at 88g.  That is light!  The front is available in 20, 24 and 28 hole versions.  Like all of their products, they are made in St. Petersburg FL.  They are completely rebuild-able, with no special tools required.  The bearings used are of a common size and can be upgraded to ceramic.


Rear: $299.95

Front: $149.95

Thanks to Christian at Profile for the info.



  • Chuck

    January 31, 2012

    Seems like the pricing is a bit high. You can buy a White Industries hubset for less than their asking price. Glad to hear they will have Campy option coming out.

  • rschuetze

    January 31, 2012

    The pricing seems comparable to other made in the USA hubsets. The White Industries look to be $130/$265, a little less expensive for sure- but if I grew up racing on Profiles I’d probably lean that way.
    Both are good choices for sure.

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