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The older I get the better I was….

Robert Marchand, on the other hand just keeps on keepin’ on.  The 100 year old frenchman just broke the hour record for his age group.  Riding 24.251 km in one hour at the World Cycling Center in Aigle- it was his first time back on the track in 80 years.  Guys like this just make me sick.

Really though- good on ya Mr. Marchand!  An inspiration to keep riding!

Read more about it HERE

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Help find Julian’s bike!

Julian’s bike is missing. It’s got quite the assortment of parts which should make it fairly easy to spot. There will be a reward.  Though this may not be the best image to positively identify a bicycle, it’s way better than this sketch.

Here are the details:

  • GT aluminum frame /carbon fork. the frame is blue in the middle and the headtube and stays are yellow and there are black bands separating the colors on the seat tube and downtube.
  • carbon monkeylight riser bars. you cant see the carbon wrap its that mat black finish
  • the carbon fork also has the same finish and is bladed. says wolf on it 25.4
  • deore levers and shifters, black.
  • black 120mm stem. black seatpost
  • brooks swift black
  • black rolf front wheel low spoke count.
  • black shimano 105 rear hub. black spokes radial non drive
  • gray front tire/ black with yellow stripes rear tire
  • silver shimano r700 cranks.
  •  shimano black 105 rear derailleur silver front derailleur
  • dura ace front road caliper shimano 105 single pivot rear caliper. both silver.
  • time clipless pedals

If you see it and is sure that it’s the bike you can buddy lock it and call the police.  There is a link to his Craigslist posting HERE  You can also contact him via Facebook HERE

Best of luck Julian.

Death to bike thieves.

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If you missed seeing this at the Bicycle Film Festival in Seattle- bummer.  Because it’s awesome.  But now you can watch it at home, which is also awesome.  One of my favorites for sure.
You’ll see a number of familiar Seattle faces here.

Day Labor from Minka on Vimeo.

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This Thursday in Seattle:

Cascade Bicycle Studio is opening up on the regular!  They are kicking it off with a celebration.

From CBS:

On Thursday, February 16th we are celebrating the new CBS with full retail hours. We’ll be doing a raffle on the hour, every hour from opening at 11 am until 9 pm. (Must be present to win). Join us for coffee and donuts when we open, and drinks and a DJ later in the evening.

With the increased hours comes the addition of a new partner in the business- Mr. Terry Buchanan, who Zac has worked with in their very successful MFG Cyclocross series. They also welcome service technician Jason Williams into the mix.

2012 begins Cascade Bicycle Studio’s 7th year in business- now ranking one of the top 100 bike shops in the US according to Bicycling magazine.  They are also one of Seven Cycles top 10 dealers.  All that and they are just great folks.  Fancy bikes without the pretentiousness.

The new hours are:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:  11am-7pm
Saturday:  10am-5pm
Sunday and Monday:  Closed
Fitting and consult:  By appointment

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LoJack for your bicycle?

Like many- I fear bike theft.  Not all my bikes are junk and some have sentimental value.  If they were stolen, I would not have the money to replace them and this makes me sad.

I know more people that have had bikes stolen in Seattle than I have fingers or toes- and that just seems too high.  In the last year I came across two thieves doing what they do- one ended up walking away into the night, the other getting a little more harsh of a reprimand by yours truly.  I’ve been in many barroom discussions about how we could devise a way to track bicycles that were stolen.  The discussion of the dismemberment of the thieves I won’t discuss here due to it’s graphic nature.  Cellphone technology seemed a likely source for the GPS unit and someone has now made it available at a reasonable cost.

Enter the SpyBike GPS tracker– a UK company that has designed a device that is hidden inside your steer tube.  It looks like a normal headset cap.

From the website:

Free Online Tracking Service

Should your bicycle be stolen, this vibration activated tracker will begin uploading its coordinates to our free online service. You can log into the WhereIsIt page and see where your bicycle was taken. This service is free for you to use.

Cheap to run

Install a pay-as-you-go SIM from your country. We do not charge for our tracking service. It is free to use.
Your only cost is the SIM credit. In the UK, each data-upload costs a fraction of a penny. Costs will vary depending on country. The tracker does not upload via SMS message. It uses GPRS and only sends a very small amount of data

Anti-theft key

Spybike comes with a special installation key. This lets you install and remove the tracker

Vibration armed

When you lock your bicycle up, you can arm the tracker with your arming keyring. Should the bicycle then detect movement, it will send you an SMS to alert you. It will then automatically start uploading its position. You can then logon and track your bike.

GSM fallback

Should your bicycle be inside a building it may not be able to obtain a GPS lock. In this case it will fall back to GSM positioning. This is less accurate (approx 200 meters) but will give you an indication of where your bicycle is until it can obtain a better lock


The tracker contains a rechargable lithium battery and comes with a charger. The tracker can go for months between charges so long as you remember to disarm the tracker before riding your bike


The trackers main defence is disguise. It is designed to look inconspicuous. It appears as a regular headset cap.


Initial configuration is done by sending the unit SMS text messages. Once it is installed, you should not need to touch it again. It is armed and disarmed with your Spybike Keyring


Your tracker requires a SIM card. Since it will use little credit it is usually most cost effective to buy a pay-as-you-go SIM and just top it up occasionally


They retail for around US$130.00.  The reality is that you may be able to stop a theft before it starts.  This of course can be dangerous.  The device might be better suited to those that prefer to take the law into their own hands (not recommended.) When a bike is stolen- you can track it, but if it becomes stationary again or is taken to a place without reception- the signal could be lost.

I do feel that this technology would be very helpful to police departments that suspect bike theft rings in operation in their precincts.  A number of these in Capitol Hill and the University District would likely lead to multiple arrests.

Obviously there could be huge improvements made to this technology and hopefully they come.  A smaller package, lighter weight, better tracking, possibly tracking via cellphone app?

And of course I’ll still say- buy a good lock and know how to use it.  Death to bike thieves.

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These guys are wack-a-doodle.  Steep snow and ice downhill on mountain bikes. It hurts just watching…

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Sunday night in Seattle: Bike Smut

Tomorrow is a full day in Seattle with the Bike Swap, the DUBSEA Bike repair station, the MTB race at Dash Point, the Frost Club: Heartbraker and the newest addition: Bike Smut.

From the BLOG:

The wondrous overcast gloom of the Northwest has finally called us back. After a great show in Eugene, we cruised past our beloved PDX in order to, once again, bring great art to Seattle! It has only been a year since you spoiled Seattlites have got to witness our wares, but oh how much has happened since then!  We are back at the Mix on Sunday night with more international flair than the singing & dancing daughter of two Brazilian milliners. 

Sunday, February 12th
The Mix
6004 12th Ave S, Georgetown

Bike Smut is for adults, but you probably knew that.