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Happy Friday

It’s Friday.  Things are moving in a couple different directions at Go Means Go.  Big changes are afoot.  What you might ask?  Well you’ll just have to wait and find out.  Until then: Be young, have fun, drink whatever makes you feel good.


Bo knows bikes.

For a good cause to be sure, but it’s crazy to think that one man riding his bike 300 miles can raise 1 million dollars.

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The Bike Butterfly. By Brompton.

I think everyone can identify with this situation.  Unpredictable pedestrians jumping out in front.  This brilliant design is supposed to be available the first of April.

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NYC Bike Thief

You may remember the Neistat brothers and their social study which screened at the Bicycle Film Festival showing that not many people in NYC gave two thoughts about someone stealing a bike.  Well a few years later they decided to do it again.

If you missed it the first time around.  This is their 2005 experiment.

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Into Thin Air

Incredible.  The coffee break is epic, though traveling over glaciers like that is a bit hairy- having fallen balls deep in a soft spot over a glacier in the past…

Happy Thursday.

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Brompton Dock

You’ve likely heard of bike sharing programs as they grow in popularity worldwide.  Brompton is taking it to the next level, launching a pilot program with their bikes in Manchester.  This program differs mainly in the bikes that are being used.  A Brompton (long on my wish list of bicycles) folds easily, quickly, and very compactly- opening up other means of travel like buses and taxis.  The bikes are stored in lockers that one rents with a card.  For a small annual fee and daily charges based on use,  you use it as you like and return it when you’re done- receiving a bill in the mail at the months end.  You don’t really need a lock if you bring it into your destination folded- which is easily done.  This idea looks great- in part because I’ve got a lot of love for the Brompton and in part because I love to see bike sharing programs grow and expand.


Brompton Dock will be launched at Manchester Piccadilly Station by the parliamentary under-Secretary of State
for Transport, Norman Baker MP. on March 27th.