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Sons of Science

This has been all up on the Facebook already- but it’s worthy of a Happy Thursday.

Now go get on your Motherfucking bike.

PS: I love that “Santorum” is one of the tags for this video.

I rise in the morning, and greet the day
pull out the bike and I’m on my way
The transportation shows I care
Every turn of the pedal – cleans the air
Greener than green, I’m saving the planet
just like my friends Daryl, Sean, Toby and Janet
no greenhouse gas, a tiny carbon footprint up your ass
I’m on a motherfucking bike

Sharing my aggression is what that I do
Every day I’m riding the ‘Tour de Fuck You’
Banging on hoods and kicking in fenders
a right-of-way-aholic on a permanent bender
Running red lights at the fat intersection
Cutout seat protects my erection
You like the bird, in my hand?
Take two from a motherfucking track stand on my bike
I’m on a motherfucking bike
I’m on a motherfucking bike

Skinny-ass pants, the ‘stache is fat
the canvas kicks, the ear-flap hat
Got no gears so you best not dis me
yeah bitch, it’s a motherfuckin fixie
Middle of the street is where you’re gonna find me
a shitload of traffic backed up behind me
Critical Mass is a Facebook “like”
I’m on a motherfucking bike
I’m on a motherfucking bike
(horn and bell solo)

Thanks to Mike D for sending it over!

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  • Tim K

    March 8, 2012

    My favorite thing about this video is that amazingly, the internet is still open enough that “” doesn’t get censored by the domain registrars. Well, that and “a tiny carbon footprint up your ass”.

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