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Brompton Dock

You’ve likely heard of bike sharing programs as they grow in popularity worldwide.  Brompton is taking it to the next level, launching a pilot program with their bikes in Manchester.  This program differs mainly in the bikes that are being used.  A Brompton (long on my wish list of bicycles) folds easily, quickly, and very compactly- opening up other means of travel like buses and taxis.  The bikes are stored in lockers that one rents with a card.  For a small annual fee and daily charges based on use,  you use it as you like and return it when you’re done- receiving a bill in the mail at the months end.  You don’t really need a lock if you bring it into your destination folded- which is easily done.  This idea looks great- in part because I’ve got a lot of love for the Brompton and in part because I love to see bike sharing programs grow and expand.


Brompton Dock will be launched at Manchester Piccadilly Station by the parliamentary under-Secretary of State
for Transport, Norman Baker MP. on March 27th.

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