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I got one on it.

Back from Portland and Filmed by Bike weekend.  The weather was fair, the hills were non-existent, the beer flowed like water and we made the best of a good situation.  Working on a little wrap up of the weekend- but until then, you can watch two of my favorite films from FBB.  Happy Monday. Make it solid black, motherfucker.

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This weekend in Portland: Filmed By Bike!

Spring in the Northwest.  Trees budding, flowers blooming, bikes coming out of hibernation and we ready ourselves for Filmed By Bike.  I had the good fortune to sit on the jury this year.  The lady and I are preparing the housetruck and will be setting sail to Portland for the festivities.  Though I will likely miss the ride with Gary, I hope that some of his dapperness rubs off on me as I stalk him through the crowd at the street party.  We will be there on bikes, looking for trouble good times.  We shall live the dream of the nineties, eat brunch, ride bikes, wax poetic about this and that, ride bikes, drink bottomless mimosas and see some fun movies.  Maybe we’ll see you there?

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High Above

There sure is a lot of stuff to buy as a cyclist.  Not all of it is necessary but some of it, like a bag- most definitely is.  If you ride your bike for more than racing, then you’ll need a way to carry things.  Whether it be groceries, beer, a picnic lunch, school books, beer, a change of clothes, beer or a number of other items, you’ll need a way to portage what you can’t carry in your hands while riding.

High Above is based in Seattle and I had the opportunity to meet with the maker, John Canfield at his shop.  His home shop is small, with a room dedicated to the cutting and sewing and bags spilling into the living space.  Though full, it doesn’t look disorganized and when he sits down at his machine he looks right at home.  He also had some help there the day I visited- so Shane, John and I sat and talked about many things including construction methods, company culture and where the value of a product lies.


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Resurrection V wrap up.

Saturday April 7th in the year of our Lord, two thousand and twelve, marked the 5th anniversary of the Resurrection Race. 67 folks came out to take part in what has become the kickoff alleycat race for the spring season in Seattle. Rob Kittelson, one of the organizers for the 2013 North American Cycle Courier Championships (NACCC) took home first place, and with it, the amazing bag from our friends at Seagull– who have supported us in the last four years of the Resurrection. Thirteen women raced, with Marcy Sutton taking first place in the women’s category.

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