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InCOG Biketool

The InCog Biketool stows in your handlebars.

This is an interesting idea for a bike tool: multiple segments of the tool connected by some sort of elastic band allow it to store inconspicuously inside your handle bars! Personally, I worry about being able to provide enough torque for certain types of jobs, but for your average headset adjustment, rack tightening, or tire replacement this thing seems set. If only they could fit a pump and a 15mm wrench in my handlebars, I’d be set.

More info at ideacious.

Found via NOTCOT.

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Women who ride.

For the Seattle ladies- the Sugar Showdown takes place July 7th and 8th at Duthie Hill

Mark Brent will be filming at the event who you may remember from Awesomeland: Women of Dirt

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Review: Swrve WWR Trousers

When I write a review I make sure to check myself.  It’s important that my feelings on the product are honest and up front.  Sometimes I get things sent my way to review.  It’s one of the perks of having a bike blog.  When writing reviews on products that I pay less than retail on- it’s important to stay objective and impartial because well, I’d like to think that the reader (you) can trust Go Means Go.

That said- the following review is about pants.  Swrve WWR trousers to be specific.  Pants that I walked into the store and paid full retail price for at Hub & Bespoke in Fremont (who has quite the Swrve collection in stock.)

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MOHAI (five) Minute: Vintage Bikes

Sarah shared this video from MOHAI on our Facebook page yesterday (you have liked the new page, right?):

Maybe it’s waking up to public television for years in my childhood, but something feels right about watching this first thing in the morning, with its enthusiastic and a bit unpolished dialog that can only mean you’re learning something.

Not only does Seattle bike polo make a cameo:

But it also reminds us of how bicycle advocacy has lost touch with what’s really important to cyclists over the years. Namely lunch stations.

Anyway, check out the video and get your learning over with! Then your brain can take a break for the rest of the day.

GO MEANS GO events, Roller Racing

WVA Sprints Wrapup

This past Saturday, the Marymoor Velodrome Association invited Emerald Sprints to run a roller racing event for the 2012 season kick-off party and fundraiser. It has been over a year since Seattle’s last roller racing event, and it was great to bring it to a new and competitive crowd.

For those unfamiliar with our kit, we pit two racers head to head on fork mounted stationary bikes for an indoors race to the finish. We set the track to 500m, and the audience can cheer as they watch the racers progress on the screen directly behind them at speeds closing in on 60mph.

By the end of the night, we had plenty of tired legs and great times (full breakdown after the cut). The best of the night went to Tony Cordova, who took the Men’s Open championship belt with a time of only 18.997 seconds. The MVA also provided belts for the top Women’s Open (Amara Edwards), Men’s Masters (Adam Cerullo), and Women’s Masters (Alexie Montaland).

There were some fantastic times out there but don’t go resting on your laurels just yet! Looking back into the results from our last major series (the 2010 Championship Series that led to a final in Vegas), a few of our top locals were getting times down in the 17-point-somethings on the exact same setup, including Saturday’s Men’s Open finalist Patrick Monteith. Will you be the one to break the 18 second barrier next time?
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