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Sweet Fixie, Holmes

Lunch time bicycle stories! Turns out that even 100+ years ago awesome female riders were getting unwanted attention from creepy dudes with ironic facial hair. And yeah, that’s probably a freewheel up there, but being that our man appears to be taking it for a walk (have you ever tried to ride a bike carrying your sweet cane around?) it seems to at least be a “fixie” in spirit.


  • Kellen

    May 8, 2012

    Part of my Anglo-nerd upbringing was watching every episode, many many times, of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes starring the excellent Jeremy Brett (above). I recommend “The Priory School” for some sweet Victorian Masters (45+) Tweed CX riding on fixies.

  • greghxc

    May 9, 2012

    Brett is my definitive Holmes for sure. I think The Great Mouse Detective coming out during my formative years was directly responsible for my ever-since Sherlock fandom. (PS, for the uninitiated I think ALL the episodes of Grenada TV’s Sherlock Holmes are still streaming on Netflix. Get yer nerd on.)

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