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WVA Sprints Wrapup

This past Saturday, the Marymoor Velodrome Association invited Emerald Sprints to run a roller racing event for the 2012 season kick-off party and fundraiser. It has been over a year since Seattle’s last roller racing event, and it was great to bring it to a new and competitive crowd.

For those unfamiliar with our kit, we pit two racers head to head on fork mounted stationary bikes for an indoors race to the finish. We set the track to 500m, and the audience can cheer as they watch the racers progress on the screen directly behind them at speeds closing in on 60mph.

By the end of the night, we had plenty of tired legs and great times (full breakdown after the cut). The best of the night went to Tony Cordova, who took the Men’s Open championship belt with a time of only 18.997 seconds. The MVA also provided belts for the top Women’s Open (Amara Edwards), Men’s Masters (Adam Cerullo), and Women’s Masters (Alexie Montaland).

There were some fantastic times out there but don’t go resting on your laurels just yet! Looking back into the results from our last major series (the 2010 Championship Series that led to a final in Vegas), a few of our top locals were getting times down in the 17-point-somethings on the exact same setup, including Saturday’s Men’s Open finalist Patrick Monteith. Will you be the one to break the 18 second barrier next time?

Results – Women

Name Best Time
Amara Edwards Open Champ 22.786
Alexie Montaland Masters Champ 23.834
Cindy Choudhry Masters 2nd 23.947
Mirna Nieto Open 2nd 23.956
Lindsay Felker 24.282
Ella James 25.930
Zara McGrath 26.140
Jess Cutler 26.235
Jennifer Hamilton 26.631
Jen Lill 28.237
Michele Black 28.518

Results – Men

Name Best Time
Tony Cordova Open Champ 18.997
Patrick Monteith Open 2nd 19.632
Conor Klupar 19.990
Adam Cerullo Masters Champ 20.088
Ben Spencer Masters 2nd 20.494
Phil Klinkon 20.532
Harrison Devine 20.647
Jim Bowes 20.787
John Maino 21.393
Mark Coppa 21.404
Guy Tucker 21.807
Tom Wick 21.916
Peter Stocker 21.985
Justin Marshall 22.457
Kirk Devine 22.640
David James 22.757
Bilko 23.014
Harley Sheffield 23.146
Gentry McGrath 23.527
David Mann 24.292
Erik Hollembeak 24.817
Martin Criminale 24.867
Eric Johnson 26.281
John Klupar 27.364

UPDATE: There’s already some videos up on the ‘net, both here and here so be sure to take a look. If you have any more photos or videos up online, please post on the comments – we’d love to see ’em!

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