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Review: Swrve WWR Trousers

When I write a review I make sure to check myself.  It’s important that my feelings on the product are honest and up front.  Sometimes I get things sent my way to review.  It’s one of the perks of having a bike blog.  When writing reviews on products that I pay less than retail on- it’s important to stay objective and impartial because well, I’d like to think that the reader (you) can trust Go Means Go.

That said- the following review is about pants.  Swrve WWR trousers to be specific.  Pants that I walked into the store and paid full retail price for at Hub & Bespoke in Fremont (who has quite the Swrve collection in stock.)

I purchased these trousers (in black) while preparing for a short road trip, traveling as support for a bike tour.  It was 3 days on the road- driving in the day, making camp for the riders and trying to look halfway civilized as we went out for dinner in the evening (it was a pretty plush trip for the riders.)  I did no riding, but in this “off the bike test” I could already tell that I found something good.  The trousers felt great- soft on the skin, with a nice fit on the legs- slim, but not tight.  That was eight months ago- and I’m still stoked.

On the bike, the Swrve WWR trousers have been equally impressive.  It wasn’t long ago that Dickies or Levi’s 501 jeans were the only pants I wore- but wearing thin in the seat with a few months of use, they often became shorts in the summertime, which meant it was time for a new pair of pants.  Both brands had (and still have) some advantages- price being the most noteworthy.  The downsides are that they don’t stretch; they are uncomfortable when wet (as well as being heavy) and they take a long time to dry.  Because they don’t stretch- I often had to buy a size larger in order to feel comfortable while riding.  This made for a bunched up waist, which I’m not a fan of.

Features like darted knees and a gusseted crotch are geared towards cyclists.

There are a growing number of companies doing great things in urban riding apparel.  Most- like the Swrve WWR, contain lycra (or spandex,) which is crucial in giving the stretch that cycling trousers needs. A gusseted crotch also makes for a more comfortable fit while riding, mainly in removing seems from more tender regions.

Most companies making a “cyclist cut” are addressing fit issues of cyclists, but my body is apparently not what they are being fitted to.  “The others” seem to gear their products to the tall slender road cyclist.  My legs are large, as is my derriere (that’s ass for those that don’t know.)  The Swrve line has been appropriate in fit and I’ve since acquired the Cordura jeans (as a gift) which have been excellent as well.  That said, I’ve seen the same Swrve trousers on a more slender figure and though they didn’t fit as tight as skinny jeans- they still had a slim fit which was complimenting to their wearer.

Zippered rear pockets and 3M accents improve visibility and security while riding.

The highs:

I like the little details like the darted knees and reflective belt loops.  The gusseted crotch, zippered rear pockets and the handy little pocket up front that is perfect for my pocket knife.  The stretch is comfortable and the fit is great.  They’re also made in the USA.

The lows: 

In a rush, I dried them on low- once, and the fabric, uh…. changed a little bit.  By no means are they ruined, but that one little interaction with a tumble dry did alter the fabric. (I presume this would happen with any fabric with lycra.)  So don’t dry them.  They dry fairly quickly on their own and it will ensure that they stay looking new longer. I also find the rear pockets a little too deep especially since there are zippers (making it hard for my fat hands to reach all the way to the bottom.)

In a nutshell:

I really like these pants and talk them up to folks that have trouble fitting into “cycling trousers.” $120 may seem like a lot for a pair of pants but I feel it was money well spent.  I can say with confidence that I’ll be acquiring more- hopefully by using those “bike blogger perks.”

My Swrve wishlist now includes:

See more on Swrve HERE



  • max kullaway

    May 17, 2012

    I have had a pair of the Swrve winter trousers for a couple of years now in the NW. They have a fleecy interior and have been dubbed “the cozy pants”. They get a lot of wear on and off the bike between October and April and they are great winter hiking pants for use in the snowy mountains with snowshoes as well 🙂 They have quite a bit of stretch, are cut well (not too baggy and not too skinny), and are super comfy! I recommend them all around.

  • nick

    May 17, 2012

    How wind and water resistant are they?

  • Ryan

    May 17, 2012

    From a NW perspective I’d say that they aren’t that resistant to rain and wind. I wore tights under them on cold days- because they are a little thin.

    They may have a water repellant finish, but the fact that they dry quickly is probably more to count on than staying dry in them.

    Swrve also makes a Schoeller pant which is likely more weather-tough.

  • matty

    May 18, 2012

    I’ve been wearing the “knicker” version of this pant almost daily (seriously) for about 8 months, and I am far from disappointed. The drier did compromise the material a bit, the rear pockets are a bit large, and they are not super Seattle weather resistant, all of which Ryan mentioned. Other than those aspects they have been the perfect pant to wear in the saddle and the office alike. Recycled also usually has them in stock 🙂

  • andyzoo

    October 6, 2014

    they look ok, and i’m on my second pair, but they dont last more than a couple of months, which makes them very very expensive.

    I’ve since emailed them regarding the poor quality, but theyre not the sort that actually give a hoot. I’m now having to get my lawyer onto some court action…… such a pain

    I’m going for Mavic next time, a brand to trust!

  • Ryan

    October 8, 2014

    I’m surprised that they didn’t last very long for you Andrew- I am usually pretty rough on my clothes and these are now just starting to get ragged, years later. Matt & Muriel have been really friendly and interested in knowing how their gear is holding up in my experience.

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