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Ride of Silence

Seattle will be host to the Ride of Silence on Wednesday, May 16th.  Riders will meet at Gasworks Park at 6:30pm and return by 8:30pm.  It will be a rain or shine ride, honoring fallen riders.

The Ride of Silence is just that- it’s not Critical Mass or a chatty group ride.  Please be respectful of the organizers, the rules of the road and your fellow riders on the ride.

For more information go HERE

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Winners Belts for the Marymoor benefit sprints

This Saturday you should plan on being at Hales Ales in the evening for the Marymoor Velodrome Association benefit.  There will be roller racing (it’s been over a year since we last made it happen in Seattle- get with it!)  Also check out the track bike parts swap.  Sorry- no bmx cranks or 26″ wheels…

There are even CHAMPION belts for 4 winners.  Awesome.

Earlier in the day, you can enjoy Beer Week with the Tour de Pints.

The weather is going to be amazing- so whatever you do- HAVE FUN!



Traveling from Seattle to Portland and wanting to do it on the cheap?  BoltBus looks like the hot ticket.

I’m not really sure how it works, but the fare fluctuates.  You can travel between the two cities for $1-15 each way though and that’s pretty sweet.  You can even bring a bike as baggage (if room allows and you can carry the rest of your gear in a carry on.)

From the sounds of it they have a fair amount of legroom, free WiFi and electric outlets.

Hot damn.

Just keep in your idea box for ways to get from SEA to PDX.

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New Chrome shoes

Hitting stores today- Chrome is releasing four new shoes.

Kursk Natural and Kursk Pro Natural (the pro is SPD compatible)

Lower Southside

And the addition of Chrome’s first-ever women’s model, the Dolores.

Pick some up at your LBS or online HERE

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Xtracycle sidecar.

This is coming out Fall 2012 from Xtracycle and I gotta say it looks intriguing.  With a capacity of 200lbs- it also folds up and out of the way (to get into doorways and the like.) It will retail for $149- though if you want a platform for it- that’ll cost you extra.

If you are carrying something like a keg or boxes or something like that- keeping the load lower on this platform seems like a good idea.  I can’t speak to stability while turning, but they’ve hopefully figured all that out.

If you already have an Xtracycle- this looks like it could be a worthy investment.  Any Xtracyclers out there have thoughts on it?

Pre-order yours HERE


Go for it Graeme!

I’m hoping for the best for Graeme Obree as he goes for the world speed record in September.  And I really hope that it happens at the same time as Interbike- because then I could do both!


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The Greenlake horn.

There has been more than one time that I wish I had something a little more intimidating than a bell while riding around Greenlake.  This might do the trick.

Also love the chain guard that reads “Me so horny”

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Help Seattle cycling!

Fill out the Bicycle Master Plan survey!

It’s easy- and will help build the upcoming Bicycle Master Plan.  Click HERE to fill out the short survey.

Seattle has also gotten all sophisticated and has an interactive map if you want to take your suggestions to the next level.  It’s pretty neat (though it takes a bit more thought than the survey.) Click HERE to go to the map.

Surveys like this are very helpful to city planners as they work to try and make the city a better place for cycling.  Think about the roads you travel and why.  Is it a better route than the most commonly traveled options.  Is there a dangerous intersection that needs some attention?  Do your part in making Seattle a better place to ride.

That is all- resume your daily internet cat searches.

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How a bicycle is made.

In case you were wondering- this is from 1945. Nottingham, England. Raleigh Bicycles.  I love the heron chainring.

And now Raleigh USA is doing things like this- which is next on my list of bicycles.  Mmmmm.  Still sexy after all of these years…