Help us document this year’s Nine to Five!

Photo by Jessica Gilmore

This year’s Nine to Five is done, and I expect I’m not the only one still recovering. One of toughest parts of organizing an event like this is not having the time to hear all the great stories (and see the photo evidence) from all the stops we spend the rest of the year trying to come with. This year, before I write the official Nine to Five wrap-up, I’m asking for your help in sharing the Nine to Five Experience!

Please upload your videos and photos and email me your favorite stories by Wednesday night, even if it just a couple words on where you found the toughest item or worst failed attempt. Whoever uploads the best photo/video from the night (“best” as we see fit, that is) will receive a $25 gift certificate to Jebena Cafe, possibly the friendliest Ethiopian restaurant in Seattle.

Post links to your photos / videos / stories in the comments or email them directly to greg@gomeansgo.org. Thanks!

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