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Postcards from 3am: We Miss You, Ryan!

As this Juneuary weather continues, riders increasingly argue over what summer here is and isn’t. But one thing is for sure: a Seattle summer is not the same without Ryan here causing/preventing trouble with the rest of us. If you didn’t get to give me a postcard telling him as much at the Nine to Five, be sure to let him know in the comments. Keep safe up in AK.

Speaking of the Nine to Five, the complete wrap up will be up sometime today as well the best photo announcement (and prize) so stay tuned!

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  • Ryan

    June 25, 2012

    Aww shucks. Thanks everybody!
    Really miss riding around all night with you all! The Nine to Five has definitely been one of the funnest events that we’ve done with Go Means Go.

    I’ll see you in September- and who knows, maybe we’ll get something going for those that really want some punishment and do one on WINTER solstice…

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