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Help us document this year’s Nine to Five!

Photo by Jessica Gilmore

This year’s Nine to Five is done, and I expect I’m not the only one still recovering. One of toughest parts of organizing an event like this is not having the time to hear all the great stories (and see the photo evidence) from all the stops we spend the rest of the year trying to come with. This year, before I write the official Nine to Five wrap-up, I’m asking for your help in sharing the Nine to Five Experience!

Please upload your videos and photos and email me your favorite stories by Wednesday night, even if it just a couple words on where you found the toughest item or worst failed attempt. Whoever uploads the best photo/video from the night (“best” as we see fit, that is) will receive a $25 gift certificate to Jebena Cafe, possibly the friendliest Ethiopian restaurant in Seattle.

Post links to your photos / videos / stories in the comments or email them directly to Thanks!


Blinksteady lights

It’s pretty nifty  how these lights are using accelerometers to enhance their design.  With the ability to tell when you’re moving coupled with knowing when it is dark the Blinksteady light automagically turns on, which means no more awkward mid-ride stretching to turn on that light under your seat or on your back.  The mounting bracket is a solid ring that goes around your seatpost.  While this requires you to remove and replace your seatpost to install it, their hope is that you’ll never have another stolen tail light.  The final new and noteworthy feature is that depending on how you’ve flipped the light, it will either blink or shine steadily, so it has NO BUTTONS!

Check out their site:

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Lucas Brunelle- Line Of Sight

Lucas Brunelle has been on the forefront of urban bike race footage for a long time.  If he were racing he’d be the man to beat, but he prefers to take second, filming a point of view few of us will ever get: that of what it’s like to win the toughest alleycat races in the world.  Lucas is super friendly, passionate about cycling, and has been making films for a number of years.  Line Of Sight has played at the Bicycle Film Festival and was definitely one of my favorites.

I feel this is his best work yet and I’m happy to see it release to DVD.  We’ve been discussing doing a screening in Seattle. Is there interest in seeing this on the big screen?

Preorder today; it’s releasing July 1st. More info HERE

*Disclaimer:  If you dislike fast paced, edge of your seat bike racing in traffic don’t watch this. You might shit your pants.


Chrome snap backs

Chrome is dropping hats today- which is far better than dropping the ball (see what I did there?)  They’re releasing 3 new caps.  Snapbacks from New Era- paying homage to three baseball teams that share cities with their store locations.  Chicago Whitesox, San Francisco Giants, and NY Mets.

See more at Chrome

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New Helmets for the Brits

In the coming Summer Olympics, the British cycling team will be wearing some sweet new helmets.  Each helmet is made specifically for an individual rider.  The design is inspired by both the more typical aerodynamic helmets we’re used to and a suppository, reminding the competition to watch out behind them.  Crux Product Design, who designed the helmets, surprisingly only used half of their budget and used rapid prototyping to save on wasted effort and material.

New slick helmets for the Brits.

More on this over at Design Week.

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Wednesday in Olympia

Group ride.  Wednesday June 13th.  Meet at The Well in Olympia.  6pm.  Meander to BBQ.  Support LaDIY and Trans night at the Evergreen Bike Shop. Facebook event page HERE

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20 years of Critical Mass

It can’t be argued that Critical Mass has done much to get cycling in the media- though it is debatable if it’s been good or bad.

I think the first year I rode in Critical Mass was 1994 or 1995.  San Francisco.  It was amazing.  Thousands of people in the street- an impromptu parade with good vibes and smiling faces.  People passing out fliers to drivers in an attempt to interact and explain why traffic was slow.  Honks were met with waves and thumbs ups.  It was inspiring, and as I think about it- it could very well be the beginning of my transition from casual mountain biking guy to urban bike event planning- getting people on bikes guy.

I rode in the Berkeley Critical Mass- it was much smaller with a few more unsavory situations between motorists and cyclists, but still fun.  I put together a CM ride in Walnut Creek- where I worked at the time and it wasn’t very well received by the police.  I moved to Wilmington, NC and got one going there- it was also met with resistance from authorities.  I’ve ridden Critical Mass in Toronto, Chicago, MPLS, Austin and Seattle- none have come close to the focus on fun that SF had.

In more recent years I’ve been a little disappointed in CM and the clashes I’ve seen or heard about between drivers and cyclists.  I’ve ridden CM once or twice in Seattle and just don’t have the patience for it anymore.

That said- I’d love to be in SF for this one.  Twenty years… Man.  I hope I look that good in 20 years.

Mona Caron- the artist that did the poster for the 10th anniversary– also did one this year for the 20th.

See more of Mona’s work HERE