Tour de Watertower 2012 – Sunday, July 22

Tour de Watertower 2012 – Sunday, July 22

It’s taken longer than expected – and some of you thought it may never come – but today not only brought us weird thunderstorms but also the fourth annual Tour de Watertower course. As in years past, riders will be released minutes apart from one another so that each is facing only Seattle’s best climbs and their own limits. We’ll be taking pre-registrations, so you get you can get your start time before race day and not have to wait around.

Race day is Sunday, July 22. Registration is $8 and can be done here. The first racer will be scheduled out the gate at 1:30pm. Please plan to be at the start 10 minutes before your leave time to insure you can be checked in. You can still register in person on race day, but you will be given a slot after all the preregistered racers. Preregistration ends at 11:59pm, Thursday, July 19th. All cash beyond expenses will be added into a pot with other $$ for the fastest guys and gals. Payouts and depth will be determined based on participation. Invite your friends then win their money! This year’s top male and female riders will also each be receiving a 2012 Chrome coveted jersey, a not-for-sale jersey only awarded at cycling events across the country.

Enough of all that, though. Let’s get down to the course. This year’s order looks a ‘lil something like:

  • START – Cool Guy Park – along the trail starting at Lakeview Blvd E & Belmont Ave E
  • Volunteer Park – 1247 15th Ave. E located on Volunteer Park Road, near entrance at E Prospect St.
  • Maple Leaf – Roosevelt Way NE and NE 86th st.
  • Woodland Park – Phinney Ave. N. between N. 53rd st & N 54th St.
  • Observatory Court – Queen Anne – Lee St. @ Warren Ave N Across from 1420 Warren Ave N. At sign in front of tennis courts adjacent to Fire Station #8
  • Magnolia – 38th Ave. W between Dravus and Prosper Across from 3218 38th Ave. W.
  • West Seattle – SW Charlestown St. & 39th Ave SW
  • High Point – 35th Ave SW & SW Myrtle St
  • FINISH – Victory Lounge – 433 Eastlake Avenue E. First round is on me.

Don’t want to race but feel like hanging out? Come by the start, or head over to Victory Lounge at 3pm to start checking out who’s in the lead. We will also need some volunteers to keep our riders honest and keep things running smoothly, so if you’re interested please get in touch. Victory will be providing two dollar beers and three dollar shots for all, as well a full menu of dogs for all. We will be listing all finish times live and large as we did last year.

12 thoughts on “Tour de Watertower 2012 – Sunday, July 22

  1. Is it strictly checkpoints (choose our own route), or is there an entire course to follow? I haven’t ridden the TdWT previously, sorry if this has been covered elsewhere. (I thought it was more the latter.)

  2. I assume part of the challenge is knowing your way flawlessly to all these points? So, long time residents only?

  3. The order is fixed Jim, the route is up to the rider. Most people end up taking very similar routes. If you prefer running stairs- go for it.

  4. There are definitely perks to being familiar with your route Tad- which is why the checkpoint order is posted ahead of time. Those that don’t familiarize themselves with the course ahead of time (with Googlemaps at the very least) are at a disadvantage.

  5. do we get a cue sheet? I’m smart-phone-less and could see myself getting lost w/o addresses at the very least. if not i’ll write ’em down tomorrow…

  6. You will get a sheet with the info and order shown, as well as any last minute specifics. The rest is up to you! I’d consider some route research…

  7. I didn’t notice the cutoff for online registration and paypalled you the $8 on Friday. Any chance I got assigned a starting time, or shall I just show up at 1:30 and wait my turn?

    Sorry about that, and thanks in advance for the great event!!

  8. Not a problem! I kept registration open until I printed the actual signup sheet, closed it this morning and you should have received an email with your start time.

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