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Tour de Watertower 2012 Results

Another year, another tough TdW. Dedicated riders, steep climbs, cool weather and a nice tailwind to the finish all helped make this year a success. Going off the various computers at the finish, it looked like most riders did the course in 37 – 42 miles gaining anywhere from 3500 – 4900 feet. Everyone that finished at all deserves acknowledgment, but In the end we only had two of Chrome‘s not-for-sale winners-only “coveted” jerseys and a couple hundred bucks to give away. Taking home the majority of the pot was our top overall time, “Tall” Bryan Smith, and first, female Marcy Sutton.

Tyler Johnson rounded out the bunch as first fixed gear, and Professor Dave – who did a nice write up on the race – awarded himself first fendered bike once again (you’ll have to take his word for it).

Thanks so much to everyone that came out and made this even a success once again, and a big thanks to Chrome for reaching out to us with the great jerseys, and Victory Lounge for treating us well once again (and evening opening up early for us on a Sunday).

Check below to see your time:


Racer Final Time
Bryan Smith 2:08:21
Jason Smith 2:19:52
Adam Ales 2:22:48
Mike Duggan 2:29:56
Robert Trombley 2:31:33
Kevin Flick 2:31:39
Benjamin Runge 2:36:18
Matt Metcalf 2:36:44
Nathan Kiger 2:39:07
Tad Davenport 2:43:36
Russ Otten 2:46:00
Tyler Johnson (1st Fixed) 2:47:54
James Stroud 2:49:02
Matt Espeed 2:51:48
Ryan Seguin 2:54:32
Bryan Wrona 2:55:25
Marcy Sutton (1st Female) 2:56:47
Nick Haggard 2:57:24
Edward Beier 3:00:18
Albert Dimond* 3:02:35
Holly Jones 3:08:47
Laura Whitehead 3:38:34
Professor Dave 3:39:51
Pete Blunk 4:01:30
Steve McCadden DNF
Justin Marshall DNF
Chris Langston DNF

*Disqualified for no manifest.

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