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Portland Bike Girls 2013 calendar

Last year Pedal Fresh had the Bike Boys of Portland calendar.  This year they got the ladies involved.  So if you like to adorn your walls and plan your days around pretty people- all while supporting a great project- be on the lookout for it’s release!

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Mission Workshop Torre and Trigger

Though Mission Workshop didn’t have a booth this year, they did have a presence at Interbike.  All I have to say is that poolside is the new tradeshow floor.  This October you’ll be adding this to your Christmas list- or at least I will.  More amazing stuff in addition to their stellar bags and already impressive clothing line.

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Interbike recap.

Just returned from Interbike and once again I made it out alive. Barely. This was the fourth year that Go Means Go has attended, and thankfully we had a little help this year. Byron and Brad were able to make it down with Go Means Go so we had some different eyes, with different ideas on the floor.


If by now you don’t know what Interbike is, it’s the largest cycling industry tradeshow in the US. Over 750 companies representing 1200+ brands come together in Las Vegas for a week of product releases, order placements and liver destruction. Being an “industry show” means that it isn’t open to the public. It’s open to shops, exhibitors and media. It’s unlike the Seattle Bike Expo in many ways, most obvious is that it’s not a discount sale for overstock and blowouts. It’s new stuff- much of which is lined up to be released the following year. It’s a great place to see what you can’t in shops. Years ago, Interbike took place in Anaheim, CA. There was talk of moving it back there earlier this year, but a couple months ago Interbike announced that a 3-year contract to stay in Vegas was signed (the contract was signed with Mandalay Bay Convention Center- which means bye-bye to the Sands Expo Center and to Treasure Island being known as the “industry hotel.”) I for one am happy that Interbike has extended it’s stay in Las Vegas- as it is a cheap place to stay, to fly into and has the necessary parts needed to make for debaucheries industry parties. Anaheim… not so much.

I arrived Monday morning, picked up my pass, checked my bag in at the convention center and headed on the shuttle to the Outdoor Dirt Demo. Dirt Demo is pretty great if you don’t mind the heat. Myself- I spend my time either in Seattle or Alaska, so it isn’t very comfortable at all. Don’t get me wrong- I love the heat when I can go swimming. But walking around in the desert gets pretty damn warm.

Attendees can jump on one of the many bikes that companies bring to show- tool around either on the pavement, the dirt, or even hop on a shuttle that takes you up the hill so you can get a little trail time. There are often show specials, and I have taken home some gems in the past. Last year I picked up some Chris King hubs and Crank Brothers pedals. This year I got fitted with some Fizik R1 road shoes. I also picked up a GoPro camera during the Interbike days at The Sands to replace the Contour that I wasn’t very impressed with.

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Interbike beckons

Interbike is taking place September 17-22 in Las Vegas and GoMeansGo will be there documenting things we enjoy. Expect to get some coverage of things like:

  • Lighting systems
  • Apparel
  • Cargo hauling options
  • Fatbikes
  • Beers
  • Cyclocross
And we’ll also be in search of a good time

2012 Underbike Party from Ritte Racing on Vimeo.

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Just a thought.

So we may have a line on a venue to hold monthly, possibly weekly roller races on Capital Hill.  Any interest?

It will likely only happen if we can get a sponsor onboard so we can keep it free…