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Ibis Hakkalügi Disc.

I just saw the IBIS Hakkalügi Discbike via Cascade Bicycle Studio and well- she’s a beauty. Not only is it available in a super wide range of sizes (47cm-61cm,) it’s lightweight- with the larger frame sizes weighing in under 1150 grams. It’ll fit a 38c tire on the rear with room for fenders if you swing that way- and with an ENVE fork- you can run something wider up front. There at some point might be a conversion BB for the press fit BB86 that they are using if you want to run single speed- but to my knowledge there is nothing currently available.

The next hurdle for component manufacturers to cross of course, is that of integrated hydraulic cylinders, but for now there are some great options for cable actuated disc brakes. If you really want to go next level- TRP has an option.

I’ve been riding TRP CX-9 mini-V brakes for two years now on my Raleigh carbon SSCX bike, and Paul mini-motos on the Traitor Crusade. I prefer mini-V’s over cantilever for stopping power any day of the week. An issue I have with rim brakes is the small inconsistencies in the rim. At 225lbs, I can do some damage to a rim if I hit a root or rock (or curb) on the trail or course. Riding tubulars on the Raleigh, I recently put a hop in the rim. It’s pretty true now, but I can feel it when I’m applying the brakes- it comes to the hop and pulses, especially on corners it has a tendency to grab the rim- locking the wheel.

Since the UCI started allowing the use of disc brakes- there have been a number of offerings out there. Sure- you see CX bikes out there with cantilever brakes. You will for a long time, probably forever. But they don’t work as well as disc brakes- and that’s a fact. You still see road bikes with single pivot sidepulls as well- but once you use a dual pivot- it’s hard to go back. It’ll happen and though it may be fought by the traditionalists of ‘cross- disc brakes will prevail.

I don’t often trust myself with derailleurs in muddy conditions- which is one of the big reasons I race SSCX. I am in love with riding fire roads and a gravel road racer bike with fender capability looks to be one thing this bike will excel at.

If you are looking for something new for the stable, consider this an option. No, it’s not cheap- but you can’t put a price on fun- can you?

Frame: $1450.00

Complete with Rival build: $3580.00

Complete with Ultegra build: $3700.00

And because ride videos keep me happy- Here is theirs from Scotland. Happy Humpday.

Local trails ala cx from Andy Wardman on Vimeo.


Santa, I ride a 55cm.


  • G'rilla

    October 27, 2012

    I ride a CX bike with disc brakes and hate it. Any tiny warp in the rotor and you hear it on every rotation.

    Today’s race was muddy and I heard the rotor grinding the whole race. At home, the brakes caught the disc pad spring and dragged it through the pad, taking a huge gouge through it and making a horrible noise as the wheel spins.

    I’m switching to mini-v rim brakes. I hope they will be less of a pain than disc brakes in the rain and mud.

  • Ryan

    October 29, 2012

    I hear you on discs not being totally without issues- but I’m still a believer that the conditions must be far worse before the weak points surface. Mud on the rim will cause the same growl- and if your hoops are t perfectly true there can be issues. Truth is- we are putting both systems through a hell of a test in cx.

  • G'rilla

    October 31, 2012

    Do you have a massive beard now? I think I met you outside Herkimer coffee a few weeks ago. I was on a full suspension Yeti at the moment.

  • Ryan

    October 31, 2012

    That was me. But it’s much shorter now. Had a photo shoot and the homeless look wasn’t desired, so they asked me to cut it.

  • Lingon

    February 22, 2013

    Strange they can’t make disc work on CX bikes, when they have been working so well on mtn bikes for 10 years? 🙂
    No more rim brakes for me.
    Love the new ‘Lugi btw, hope I will be able to get one soon.

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