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Well now there is this and believe it or not- it’s NOT from Portland.  It ships flat.  Just add your own coconut.  This should be mandatory on all polo bikes as well as on Monty Python fan bikes (which of course everyone should own.)

Available for pre-order HERE

Thanks Felix and Melissa who both sent me links to Trotify.


New from XtraCycle

A foldable long tail cargo bike in the Xtracycle/Tern collaboration Cargo Joe

The EdgeRunner: A longtail with a 20″ rear wheel which adds strength to the rear wheel and makes it far stronger- all while lowering the center of gravity (which is a good thing.)  It’s also electrifyable.

They’ve also got some neato accessories in the Hooptie, if you’re carrying rugrats.  And here is a little bit more on the SideCar, which we posted about before. Good to see Xtracycle moving forward with new products.  See more at their website.

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Iva Jean

Iva Jean is based in Seattle and we love to hear about bike-based businesses in Seattle. Starting with the fall 2011 release of the Rain Cape, founder Ann DeOtte has been hard at work coming up with new fashionable, functional designs for female cyclists that want apparel to go from the bike to the boardroom, cafe, bar or dinner.  She has a Kickstarter campaign that this new line of apparel can be purchased from in order for Iva Jean to take the next step and grow into a larger project.

Bikes aren’t just for racing.  You don’t need to be built like a track racer to ride to the store.  What I love about Iva Jean’s designs is that they are for the everyday gal that doesn’t want to get all decked out in spandex or day-glow yellow.  They are classy pieces that bring together form and function.

Props to Ann for thinking ahead and best of luck in this endeavor.

Check out Iva Jean HERE.  And support the Kickstarter campaign HERE.



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Miir, based in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle- is setting a good example when it comes to companies delivering quality products while also giving back to the community- whether it be global or local.

They offer stainless steel water bottles in insulated and non-insulated versions that are customizable through different caps and skins (which are applied to the outside of the bottle to make them pretty.)  Or just leave them naked- they look good that way too.  The lids are BPA free and the bottles are easy to clean and not breakable- being stainless steel, duh.

With every bottle purchased, $1 of each sale provides safe drinking water to people in lesser developed countries through One Days Wages.  Though it may not seem like much, $1 is enough to supply clean water to one person for one year.  What!?! Yeah.

Miir also offers apparel and books- with $1 from sale going into their One4One program.  If you buy one of their “Skins“, 100% of proceeds goes to the program.

All of the Miir bottles fit into your bicycle water bottle cage, or your bag if you roll like that.  Stainless bottles are great.  They look good, keep plastic bottles out of landfills, are easy to clean, don’t hold odors, aren’t breakable and well- these stainless bottles help a good cause as well.

That wasn’t enough for Brian Pape (Miir CEO) and the rest of the Miir team.  They are now embarking on a new venture that will play a big role both domestically and internationally helping those that need affordable, reliable transportation.  Bicycles.  Miir teamed up with Kevin Menard from Transition Bikes to make it happen.  Urban bikes that are fun to ride and classically styled.  Three models to choose from.  With the purchase of one of the bikes- they split a donation 50/50 with the World Bicycle Relief and the Boise Bicycle Project. Pretty neat huh?

To get the bicycle end started, Miir has a Givecraft campaign going.  You can donate to the program for as little as $5, or just go ahead and pre-order one of the bikes.  If you are in the market for a new townie bike, check it out!

This Friday you can check out the bikes and meet the people behind Miir at Theo Chocolates in Fremont.

You can RSVP for the event at Theo HERE

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Baron bike stolen in Seattle

Brad had his custom 54cm Baron bicycle stolen from inside his Wallingford garage Thursday (11/1) between the hours of 1-4pm.

Keep on the lookout for this bike:

The rims are reflective- which may be the easiest way to identify it if it stays together.  They look matte grey, but reflect when hit with light.

The following is the build:

If you see it- either free lock it (use your lock to lock the bike up) or call the police.  Help Brad get his bike back.

Keep your eyes peeled and spread the word!