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Review: Bogs Hawthorne

As a cyclist and commercial fisherman- there are two types of footwear that I am always in need of  1) shoes appropriate for cycling in wet weather and 2) deck shoes for the boat.

This past summer I got in touch with Bogs about reviewing some of their more casually focused footwear.  After some email communication and matchmaking to see what might best suit my needs, they sent two pairs out for me to test.

The Bridgeport I reviewed on my other blog GENERALLY NAUTICAL.  The Hawthorne (retails for $68.00) shoes I began using for damp weather riding in the Alaskan summer, and into fall here in Seattle.  A mid top rubber shoe- I fell in love with them and had a feeling that I found my new favorite Seattle bike riding kicks.  A couple months later and unfortunately- I don’t feel the same way.

I’ve only used the shoes on flat pedals, without toe clips and still, both the left and right shoe have cracked where the ball of the foot flexes. No longer waterproof, they sit in the basement.  Sad.  Rubber boots that aren’t waterproof aren’t rubber boots at all.  I so wanted these to work…

The rubber that these shoes are made of seem different- it seems drier than the rubber used on the other pair of Bogs I have- the Bridgeports. I like the higher cut of these shoes for urban cycling- it gives a little more protection while riding.  I also like the slim profile of the sole.  The sole itself- as well as all the seems did not fall apart and still seems fully intact.  It’s just the upper that failed.  This could of course been a bad batch- and hopefully Bogs has figured out what the issue is.

The verdict:  If the issue in these shoes has been resolved I would definitely recommend these for urban riding in wet weather.  AT $68 retail they keep your feet dry and look casual enough to wear socially.  If the issue hasn’t been resolved- then I can’t say that 4 1/2 months is a good lifespan for a rubber shoe.



    December 13, 2012

    i’ve been using a similar boot for about three years with no cracking: the tretorn strala. highly recommend:

    work great on platforms, keep the feet dry, albeit sometimes overly warm in during long-all day rides warm wet weather rides. (i also have a cheap boot-drier for when they need aired out.)

  • PDXGuy

    December 12, 2013

    I picked up a pair last year in Anchorage, same brown, and the exact same issue. I was dissapointed, as they are the perfect NW winter shoe. I got about 3 months out of mine before the cracking started, granted, I wore them every day
    Tretorn makes a very similar pair, but I’ve been burned once.

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