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Worn Bicycle Saddle: Don’t Toss It, Recover it!

Your saddle is one of your body’s main contact points with your bicycle. Obviously it’s position and shape can have a very direct effect on how your bike and body feels. If you ride a lot, perhaps you are similar to me and have found a specific saddle or two that you pretty much always ride. Sooner or later you’re going to end up with a stash of saddles that are worn out or have torn covers. These often get banished to the rain bike or the pub bike before finally being retired. Instead of just tossing your dead saddle and buying a new one you can alternatively tackle recovering it yourself, or pay to have it done for you.

If you are the DIY type or just good with your hands you might enjoy tackling it yourself. There are several different methods I’ve heard of that you can use to go about removing your saddle’s old covering and installing a new one. This one seems like a pretty easy to follow process, but depending on your specific saddle, your steps might be slightly different. How To Recover An Old Bicycle Seat.

Another option worth considering is paying to have your old saddle recovered. After all, some of our “old saddles” have titanium or even carbon rails. They are light weight and expensive, certainly worth paying a fraction of their original cost to have some new life breathed into them. I’ve come across a few local people who can do this for you if you bribe them with the right amount of booze and/or cash. There is also a gentleman online who you can mail your saddle to and have it recovered in the material of your choice. He also does repair or replacement of the foam padding and hardware on your saddle as well, if your busted seat is in need of more than just a new cover. The two San Marco Rolls saddles pictured below are some examples of his work. Check out Recovered



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