Donhou Emerald Town Bike

Donhou Emerald Town Bike

Donhou Town Bike

Donhou Bicycles out of the UK builds some absolutely beautiful two-wheeled machines. This gorgeous townie especially caught my eye. Wouldn’t she look beautiful rolling through the Emerald City?

Originally seen at CycleEXIF. Check out the story behind the build and lots more photos of this bike on Donhou’s website: Alanna’s Town Bike. I’m sure you can kill some time flipping through the gallery of the rest of their builds as well.

3 thoughts on “Donhou Emerald Town Bike

  1. Cool bike. The only thing that bugs me are the fork blades…. Steel forks should be made with a nice low radius bend at the dropouts in my opinion. Especially if you’re going to the trouble of brazed on bosses for the centerpulls

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