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Chris King Factory: Featured in Bloomberg Businessweek


Head on over to Bloomberg Businessweek and check out the article on Chris King. Portland Bike Maker Sees Made-in-USA Demand from Overseas. The article gives a great profile of the company, Chris King himself and is sure to learn you a thing or two you didn’t already know about the Portland, Oregon company that makes some of the most durable and desirable components on the market. Did you know Chris King hasn’t run any ads for over ten years and relies solely on their good reputation?

Don’t miss the photo tour of the factory either. Lay your eyes on what was up until now only seen by employees of the company. I love the secrecy! A Rare Tour of a Rare Business: Chris King’s Made-in-USA Bicycle Factory.

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  • G'rilla

    December 20, 2012

    Just ordered some classic cross King hubs for my first from-scratch wheel build. Super excited! I hope I do it right!

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