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Holiday Gift Guide for cyclists.

It’s sometimes difficult to shop for cyclists.  Different interests, cycling disciplines, styles- What one is happy for the other might not be.  We are trying something a little different this year.  Four cyclists pick 5 items each that cost $100 or less.  This is the first of them, the others should be out this week for last minute shopping ideas for the cyclist in your life.

These are my (Ryan’s) picks.  I race single speed cyclocross, but you can more often see me riding around on a porteur bike in town or on my steel Raleigh Record Ace.  I would more than anything consider myself a transportation cyclist.  I like clean design and rugged construction.  I don’t like wearing bright cycling clothing, instead I lean on the side of bright lighting and reflective clothing accents.  I will also say that it’s really hard to A) keep things under $100 and B) only pick 5.

Lifeproof iPhone case: ($79.99 for iPhone 5)


I realize not everyone has an iPhone, nor is this a bike specific product. But I’ll say that I’ve been using this case for my iPhone 4 for over a year and more than once it’s saved my phone. Completely waterproof- if you can toss your phone in a jersey pocket or use their handlebar mount for the case and let it rain. Also available for iPhone 4/s & iPad

Feedback Sports Table Top Digital Scale: ($47.99 at JensenUSA)


Whether you are building up your bike or selling stuff on Ebay- it’s handy to have a scale. I’ve even used mine to weigh out coffee for my Aeropress. It sits in the top of my toolbox, ready to go. Feedback Sports also has a hanging scale and digital calipers. I have been using all three of these in the shop for 2 years now without fail.

Swrve Cordura Regular Fit Jeans: ($100)


I have been stoked on every Swrve product I’ve seen. They have become the only pants I ride in, and they are comfortable off the bike as well. The Cordura jeans are 10x more resistant to saddle abrasion and have a little stretch in them to boot.

Portland Design Works Dios Thronous saddle: ($40.00)


Wet saddles suck- and if you’ve got a Brooks, it can be hard on the leather. This looks like a great saddle for a town bike- one that gets left outside in the rain. Made of EVA injector molded foam- it won’t absorb water. Wet outside? Brush it off and go. Pretty damn handy if you ask me.

Lezyne Pressure Drive hand pump: ($44.99)


This pump is compact, pumps to 120psi, fits both schraeder and presta and won’t break the bank. Machined out of aluminum, it’s lightweight and fits well into a bag or jersey pocket. Might as well throw in a small patch kit and some levers too. Because the ride they aren’t carrying their flat kit on is the one they’ll need it on.

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