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Holiday Gift Guide for Cyclists, Part II

For the second installment of the Holiday Gift Guide for Cyclists, here are 5 more hand selected items under the $100 mark that are sure to please that special cyclist in your life. Also I would like to note you should be able to find all of these items locally, support your local bike shop!

I (Tall Bryan) enjoy riding for daily transportation, fitness, racing cyclocross and alley cats and just about any other excuse I can find to get  myself on two wheels. You are just as likely to catch me on my cruiser with flat pedals and no helmet as you are to see me in a full kit on my road bike. So hopefully there should be a gift option here for your lucky cyclist no matter what type of bike and riding they prefer.

DeFeet Shoe Covers & Gloves: ($40.00 for both)


Lets face it, the cold weather is here to stay for a while and if you plan on being on the bike for the next couple months few things get you as much bang for your buck as a pair of  well made gloves and shoe covers. DeFeet products are quality, affordable and get this, 100% made in the USA. You can pick up a pair of Duragloves and some Slipstream shoe covers for under $40. Choose from classic black or a handful of colors/styles. You’ll be looking pro in no time with a matching set.

Knog Rechargeable Boomer Lights: ($75.00 for front & rear set)


I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen the sun in weeks. Part of riding in Seattle means riding in the dark. Making yourself visible on the bike during these seemingly never-ending days of darkness is very important. What better way to let someone know you care than with a set of lights for safety? The USB rechargeable Boomer lights are bright, hold a good charge, don’t look too obnoxious on your bike and are easy to attach/detach so you can take them into the store or pub with you (don’t leave them on your bike, they will get stolen). They are light and unobtrusive too. Throw them in your jersey pocket or handlebar bag in case you unexpectedly get stuck out after dark.

Crane Bicycle Bell: ($15.00-20.00)


What do you get the cyclist who has everything? How about a classic bicycle bell from Crane Bell Co? These Japanese made bells are some of the nicest available. Several models available although I would recommend the larger brass one for the best sound. They tarnish over time and look really great, especially on a vintage bike. Can  usually be had for under $20.

Coozie of the Month Club: ($90.00)


While this gift idea doesn’t have to be specifically for cyclists, I think it still qualifies. Most cyclists do enjoy a cold one after (or sometimes even during) a good ride. Cory of Dank Bags hand makes these coozies here in Seattle. Joining the club gets you a custom coozie mailed to you once a month for a year! So sign up your favorite cyclist/beer drinker. Its the gift that keeps on giving.

3-Way Hex Wrench: ($10.00-15.00)


I will resist the temptation to make bad jokes about every cyclist needing a 3-way and simply state: If you own a bike you should have one of these at home. Many people prefer not to work on their own bikes, and that is totally fine. But sooner or later you at least have to tighten a bolt, raise or lower a seat or in some way take a wrench to your bike. A 3-way or Y-wrench with 4mm, 5mm and 6mm hex keys is essential and possibly the most versatile bicycle tool you can own. Check out how much This Guy likes his! I’m always surprised by how many cyclists do not own this most basic repair tool. Chances are someone on your list needs one!

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  • Ryan

    December 20, 2012

    Good call on the CotMC. I’m still not a member and I don’t know why.

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