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Review: PDW Full Metal Fenders.

It turns out that bikes work in the rain- who knew!?

Portland Design Works.  That’s who.

When you live and ride in the Northwest, you have to be prepared to get a little wet sometimes.  For me that has meant switching over to the porteur bike for the winter, giving up the faster road bike for 32c tires, full fenders and a bike that weighs 10+lbs more.  Maybe I’m a wimp.  Though better than nothing- fenders like Raceblades™ and seatpost mounted fenders are far from ideal.  They reduce the “racing stripe” up the back, but your feet still get soaked.  Like my mom always said “Sometimes you just have to be a man and shit in your pants.” Sorry Mom, but it’s downright uncomfortable to ride in the wet without full fenders.

Anyone that has tried to fit full fenders on a road bike knows that it can be a challenge.  Clearances can be tight and most performance oriented road bikes (whether it be steel, aluminum or carbon) don’t provide braze-ons.  The process can be frustrating indeed.  Many people choose to have a shop install their fenders- preferring to have someone with more experience get crafty with saws, pliers, clamps and a bit of luck.

I asked Facebook a question about fender options for my Raleigh Record Ace and got a lot of responses.  Honjos, Planet Bike, Crud, Raceblade XL; then Kevin from Portland Design Worksblew my mind by posting a link to their new fenders.  Long story short- I made the phone call and the fine folks at PDW took care of me with a bit of a discount.  (I only had to promise one bottle of Night Train and to tattoo a picture of Kevin’s face on my inner thigh.) We got them ordered and they showed up in two days along with a sweet cap and some office printed stickers of Freddie Mercury that now adorn the walls in my shop.

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Review: Bogs Hawthorne

As a cyclist and commercial fisherman- there are two types of footwear that I am always in need of  1) shoes appropriate for cycling in wet weather and 2) deck shoes for the boat.

This past summer I got in touch with Bogs about reviewing some of their more casually focused footwear.  After some email communication and matchmaking to see what might best suit my needs, they sent two pairs out for me to test.

The Bridgeport I reviewed on my other blog GENERALLY NAUTICAL.  The Hawthorne (retails for $68.00) shoes I began using for damp weather riding in the Alaskan summer, and into fall here in Seattle.  A mid top rubber shoe- I fell in love with them and had a feeling that I found my new favorite Seattle bike riding kicks.  A couple months later and unfortunately- I don’t feel the same way.

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SSCXWC 2012 recap

Well well well.

Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships went down last weekend in the City of Angles.  As you may remember- after 2011 in San Francisco, much of Seattle (having hosted the event in 2010) was unhappy with the idea of it being awarded to a locale so nearby (and promoted by the same guy.)  Then to make it even stickier- after awarding it to one city- the promoter decided to to take it just down the road, 350 miles away.

I didn’t attend- and instead helped work on Philadelphia’s plan to take the race for 2013.  We had shirts available for Philly 2013 before the slackers in LA had them for the race that they were doing, which was only days away (PS- ours look waaay better.)

All the above put aside- I had no doubt that those in attendance, unaware of the turd cannon that had soiled our opinion of the SSCXWC promoter, would have a good time.  I mean- single speed cross, beer, parties- who doesn’t like that?  Maybe Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin?

It was difficult on the day of the race to get information on what was going on.  There were a few Twitter pics and things on Instagram- but it wasn’t until AFTER the tattoos were given were winners really announced.  The organizers did not want to revisit the upset that happened last year…

So there were the unofficial winners, Adam Craig and Mical Dyck:

And your official winners, Mical Dyck and Adam Craig- as they received the tattoos to accompany the winners golden speedos:

Congrats to both the mens and womens SSCXWChampions.  And as for where it’s going to be next year?  Here’s a hint:

We’ll see you in Philly for 2013

Thanks to for some of the photos- see more of their set HERE

And because we love Craig Etheridge so much, and now we can hear him in our homes even when he’s out winning races- there is the only recap you need:  The Hot Laps with Craig SSCXWC edition: