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Fender Eyelets, On Your Carbon Bike?


Living and riding in Seattle I often find myself wishing more of my bikes had fender compatibility. There are obviously solutions out there to add fenders to just about any bike, some better than others. While these quick-fix fenders are better than nothing (and for some riders suffice) nothing beats actually having fender eyelets on your frame. With a steel frame you can have a frame builder add eyelets on fairly easily with the sacrifice of some paint. But what about other frame materials? I while back I stumbled across Ruckus Composites in Portland, OR. They specialize in repairing carbon frames, which is a fantastic alternative instead of sending your busted frame to a landfill. But get this, they can add fender eyelets to just about any carbon frame, starting at $150. Given the price you probably paid for your bike that seems like a very reasonable price.

Check it out here: Fender eyelets on your carbon bike!


  • Conrad

    January 16, 2013

    A useful service for sure, but begs the question of why they aren’t there in the first place… Maybe it is just a Seattle thing because 90 percent of the time the pavement is wet around here but I find the fenderability thing an annoyance. Eyelets are only part of the solution; but fenderability isn’t rocket science. You could sneak features like: eyelets, a bit of extra clearance, chainstay/seatstay bridges the same distance from the hub, and bosses perpendicular to the tire to eliminate mounting hardware- onto even a racing bike and nobody would notice.

  • Rob

    November 20, 2013

    Just a heads-up, Ruckus has doubled the price for this service. It’s now $300 (per the quote I received from them this week). Not as economical as one might wish for.

  • Ryan

    November 20, 2013

    Yikes! Thanks for the update, Rob!

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