Alley Cat Racing, Bicycle, Mt. Bike

This weekend in Seattle!

Matt Messenger and his now infamous 3 race series starts on MLK day, then on 2/2/13 & 2/24/13. Run down is same as always. The TT starts at noon with warm up before that. He’s going to have help from his Seattle bike polo buddies that will be in attendance to make things go fast and smooth. Chili will be served as well as brauts and Beer after the race, so bring one of your old water bottles for a container and be conscious. They are going to have a honey bucket (read: shitter) as well, due to the parks having winterized the restrooms. $15 bucks for all of the above. Course will be just under 6 miles. Registration starts at 10. Details about the series at the 1st race will be explained. You can also just race one and not all three. Please spread the word to friends for a fun time at one our awesome local cross country trails we are privileged to have. Yes it is rain of shine. Maybe snow!!

You can ride any bike, but from what I hear, a Mountain bike is the preferred bicycle on these trails.


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