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100th Tour de France

After 100 years- Le Tour de France is just about on par with some of the sweet new fixie edits that kids are coming out with nowadays.  Almost.

But I’d still watch the Tour of France any day of the week.

I dig the kid watching it on his smart phone at the bmx park.

Any bets on whether or not they’ll have an effigy of Lance to burn?

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Chrome Familia Reunion


From Chrome:

Our man Card’s flew out to NY last summer to “Link Up” (no pun intended) with the rest of the Familia. He wanted to get the entire fam together and, collaboratively the team came up with this short.

Shot/ Edited: Rick Charnoski
Produced by: Six Stair

I’m digging the soundtrack.  The last song “Unity” by Desmond Dekker is one of my favorites and the bike community as a whole could benefit a bit from living out the words.  One love- two wheels.

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Peddler Brewing opens March 8th

The time draws near when Peddler Brewing will open their doors to the public.  Bringing together bikes and beer under one roof while becoming Seattle’s newest brewpub.  Save the date.  Friday March 8th.  The day before the Seattle Bike Expo and the Pedal Party.


From Dave and Haley at Peddler:

After 8 months working full time jobs and doing all the construction and paperwork ourselves, we are exhausted . . . but so excited to announce that we’re finally done permitting and building out our brewery! We have officially set the date for opening our doors to the public – Friday, March 8th.  To start with, our hours will be Fridays 5-10pm and Saturdays 4-10pm.  We will gradually be increasing the days and hours once we get up and running.  We will open with 8 beers on tap: Kolsch, Caramel ESB, Pale, IPA, Tangerine-Wheat, Snow Beer’d (dark winter), Belgian Lights (winter-spiced Belgian), and a Coffee-Saison.  We do not have food, but encourage our guests to bring their own food or order delivery.  As with our bicycling theme, we have a public bike work station, 9-bike indoor parking rack, and bike parts integrated in our décor.  Patrons can order tasters and pints to drink at our brewery and can purchase 32oz bottles and 64oz growlers of the beer to go.

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Carbon is a material that few folks are just “OK” with.  Many have strong opinions.  They love it or hate it.  Sure- it’s expensive, when it fails it’s usually catastrophic, and there are a lot of people that don’t like it because it just seems too modern.  Well, that’s fine for them, but there are also those that love the look and ride feel of carbon, myself included.  Well now there are some fully custom handmade carbon bikes being offered by Argonaut.  Based in Portland, with facilities in the state of Washington (White Salmon to be exact,) Argonaut is doing some amazing things.

Argonaut is down at NAHBS, which of course I wish I could attend- and I’m excited to see what they come up with next because a little bird told me that it’s going to be awesome.  They are a brand to watch for sure.  Keep it up guys.  Here are some snapshots from their lookbook that Brian Vernor shot for them and that they brought to Denver with them.

A digital version of the book that was shot by Vernor and put together by Brian and David from Wilderness will be available March 5th.


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Sarah at Vespertine is making good things happen for ladies that like to make a statement and be seen.  She’s out of New York, and is blending high fashion with quality fabrics- traditional and modern alike.


Check out her shop HERE