Riding Your Valentine, For Corporate Cash.

A year ago Payam Rajabi road 27 miles around San Franscisco creating a heart shape with his GPS as a Valentine’s Day gesture to his long distance girlfriend. It created an internet buzz, although his girlfriend stated she would have preferred jewelry. Fastfoward a year and Verizon has turned Payam’s heart shaped ride into a commercial. Blasting around the streets as himself, with a stunt double at times “cameras inches — literally inches — from his head as he dropped down hills at 50 miles an hour” (Haha, sure buddy). And at the end of the video he sends the Valentine to an actor instead of his girlfriend (oops).

Sweet fixie bro and Happy Corporate Sellout Valentines Day! (It has been rumored Payam has since traded his fixie and Android for an Cross bike and a iphone 5.)

Check out the full story here: Guy Pumps Out Valentine. (I expected something different when I first clicked on this link, disappointing, but work safe!)

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