Ups & Downs Alley Cat

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Come out this Saturday February 23rd and ride/race Jake Ricker’s Ups & Downs Alley Cat Benefit Race. All proceeds go toward paying Jake’s wife’s medical bills from an unfortunate dog attack last year. Meet at Monorail Espresso at 2pm. For most of you this will probably be your first alley cat race of 2013! Come out and stretch your legs, its going to be fun and its for a good cause.

Rad flyer art by Kyle Martz. Hey Jake, how about printing up some T-shirts for the race with this design? I’d buy one.


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  • B-ridge


    So, I don’t have an operational single speed at the moment. OK to do this on a cross bike?


  • Ryan


    Run whatcha brung. I don’t think there is any bike restrictions (though electric bikes will likely be frowned on.)


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