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Bilenky Cycle Works

Steve Bilenky has been making incredibles bikes next to a junkyard in Philadelphia for 30 years.  Here’s a look into what happens at his shop:

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Vintage Castelli Jacket


I am loving the design of this vintage Castelli Jacket (seen on eBay HERE). I wonder if there is a full matching kit out there? I have a Castelli hat with the same pattern. Most likely early 90s vintage. Might be worth reproducing…

Alley Cat Racing, Seattle

Ups & Downs Alley Cat


Come out this Saturday February 23rd and ride/race Jake Ricker’s Ups & Downs Alley Cat Benefit Race. All proceeds go toward paying Jake’s wife’s medical bills from an unfortunate dog attack last year. Meet at Monorail Espresso at 2pm. For most of you this will probably be your first alley cat race of 2013! Come out and stretch your legs, its going to be fun and its for a good cause.

Rad flyer art by Kyle Martz. Hey Jake, how about printing up some T-shirts for the race with this design? I’d buy one.



Riding Your Valentine, For Corporate Cash.

A year ago Payam Rajabi road 27 miles around San Franscisco creating a heart shape with his GPS as a Valentine’s Day gesture to his long distance girlfriend. It created an internet buzz, although his girlfriend stated she would have preferred jewelry. Fastfoward a year and Verizon has turned Payam’s heart shaped ride into a commercial. Blasting around the streets as himself, with a stunt double at times “cameras inches — literally inches — from his head as he dropped down hills at 50 miles an hour” (Haha, sure buddy). And at the end of the video he sends the Valentine to an actor instead of his girlfriend (oops).

Sweet fixie bro and Happy Corporate Sellout Valentines Day! (It has been rumored Payam has since traded his fixie and Android for an Cross bike and a iphone 5.)

Check out the full story here: Guy Pumps Out Valentine. (I expected something different when I first clicked on this link, disappointing, but work safe!)

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Happy Birthday Cadel Evans

cadel evans

Happy birthday to Cadel Evans, 2011 Tour de France Champion and strong anti-doping advocate.  With all the buzz of doping in the sport of cycling over the last few years it is refreshing to remember there are still some clean riders with integrity out there, such as this Valentines Day born champion.

Evans often reminds me that being fast isn’t always pretty with an array of awkward faces he is known for. It is his birthday though, so here is a nice photo of Evans and his wife with something awful on her head.

cadel wife

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Faggin Bikes: A Day In The Workshop

Here is a quick little video clip from Faggin Bikes, A Day In The Workshop. I love Italian steel and have owned several Faggin (pronounced Fah-JEEN) bicycles over the years. Handmade in Italy since 1945. Founder and original builder Marcello Faggin’s daughters now run the company and have been building frames since the 1970s when they were 15 years old. Keeping it in the family.


First US Bicycle Club Formed, 135 Years Ago

Boston Bicycle Club

135 years ago today, February 11th, in 1878 (if you couldn’t figure out the math) the first bicycle club was formed in the United States, the “Boston Bicycle Club”. An awful lot has happened in cycling in that time, but one thing hasn’t changed. Riding with friends or in a group is still some of the most fun you can have on two wheels. Call up a friend and go for a ride today, or maybe you’re feeling ambitious, start your own bicycle club.

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Colorado Legalizes Bikes

Black Hawk's ban on riding bicycles

First the state of Colorado legalizes marijuana for recreational use, and now bikes! The backwards city of Black Hawk, CO has had a ban on bikes since 2010,  preventing cyclists from riding in their city. They even went as far to ticket cyclists who refused to walk their bikes through town.

The Colorado Supreme Court has overturned the city of Black Hawk’s ban on riding bicycles on February 4, 2013. The court ruled the town can pass traffic regulations, but said they must comply with state laws that require any municipal bike prohibition provide an available alternate path within 450 feet. Read the full article on HERE.