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Volvo is looking out for bikes

Yeah.  This is a post about a car.  Not very bike-ish, I know.  But this car might just prevent a distracted driver from making mince meat out of cyclists.  Volvo has long been respected as one of, if not THE safest cars on the road for the people inside.  Well now they are interested in ending fatal accidents in, AND AROUND Volvos by the year 2020.  A bold goal indeed, but seeing as cars don’t seem to be going anywhere (until we run out of fuel,) it’s good to know that somebody besides ourselves is keeping an eye out for vulnerable users.


From Yahoo:

In cities around the world, bicyclists and motorists have an uneasy relationship, what with more vehicles powered by pedals and fossil fuels taking up the same space. Here in the United States, about 52,000 cyclists a year are injured in crashes, with 612 dying in 2010 according to federal statistics. In an attempt to give cyclists a fighting chance, Volvo will soon fit a system to new models that scans the road ahead for cyclists — and automatically slams the brakes if the car’s about to strike one.

Read more HERE, and also watch a little video about the project.

What do you think?  Will this encourage safer driving?

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