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Boreas: Lagunitas Backpack

The Lagunitas backpack from Boreas has been spending some time on my shoulders over the last several weeks. It is designed to be a “hike-bike-travel-commute daypack.” If you are looking for universal backpack, try best military backpack that is  larger and more spacious. That is a mouthful, and when I first donned the pack it didn’t seem much different than any other light weight hiking day pack. What sets this pack apart though is its flexible metal frame. By pulling the blue strap the frame bows out away from your back so only the mesh portion of the pack is touching your back, leaving a couple inches of room between the pack and your back. To get more options regarding backpacks, visit the website of Backpacks.Global.


You really can notice the ventilation, and it keeps your back from getting sweaty, but when on the bike the pack feels much more stable without the ventilation system activated. The blue foam is comfortable and lightweight and you can’t feel the metal frame even when the bag is hugging your back. I would recommend only using the ventilation system when hiking or carrying a light load. I found that the bag stayed in place and rode better on the bike when it was snug against my back (ventilation system deactivated, aka normal sweaty backpack back).


It is a medium sized pack (claimed 25L volume), and much lighter than my traditional messenger bag or bike backpack I have been used to. It is not waterproof (keeps it light weight and non-bulky) but does have a waterproof pocket to stash your phone or other small electronics. Using the bag on the bike I found it most useful for quick trips, or when I needed a minimal bag (alley cat race, urban cross ride, sunny day riding). It is compatible with water hydration systems, although I haven’t taken advantage of that feature yet.


For me it will never be my daily go-to bag. I live in Seattle (it rains here, a lot) and my daily bike bag needs to be water proof. Also it is a smaller pack than I typically need (I’ve been spoiled by my XL messenger bags that can carry just about anything your willing to strap on your back). I see myself continuing to use it on the bike when I don’t want the weight of my full sized bag. However the main thing I foresee using it for is day hikes and off-the-bike errands. I also discovered it makes a great travel bag in which to stash your cycling clothes and helmet. The breath-ability is perfect for your sweaty kit and the wide top opening nicely fits your helmet.  It is a very versatile bag, different than anything else I’ve used and I hope to continue to find new uses for it.

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Check out the full specs & options of the bag HERE.


  • canary

    April 2, 2013

    too bad backpacks with those awesome frame/ventilation panels are pain-tastic for any girl with a decent sized rack. most girls have a slightly concave lower back to support the weight of their chests, and the bottom edge of these kind of packs always end up bruising and rubbing their hate into your hips.

  • Tall Bryan

    April 2, 2013

    That is something I’ve never considered (for obvious reasons). I know some companies are making women specific backpacks, although I am unsure of what design differences there are besides being smaller and available in pastel colors. The Boreas Lagunitas is a mid sized pack and the lower portion seems padded enough. It would be interesting to see how it fits a woman’s frame.

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