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May is National Bike Month

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I would venture to say that a good amount of Go Means Go readers ride their bikes nearly year round, through rain and shine. But its not hard to admit, riding when the weather is pleasant is much easier and more enjoyable. May is National Bike Month, and even if you ride your bike every month (as you should) it is still a great opportunity to get friends, family or coworkers back on the bike or on the bike for the first time. If you haven’t taken a look at the weather forecast in the Pacific Northwest for the coming weeks you are in for a nice surprise. We are going to be hitting the 70s and possibly even 80s with lots of sun, in other words you aren’t going to have any excuse not to be on two wheels this month.

Wherever you are biking this month take extra care and be aware of the other riders around you as there are bound to be a lot of new and out of practice cyclists on the trails and roads.

There are a lot of resources available to help kick-start your riding this month. Here are a handful of links with some information on events and challenges to get you in gear.

The League of American Cyclists: National Bike Month

Bicycle Alliance of WA: May is Bike Month

WSDOT Bike To Work Month

King County: Bike Month

Cascade Bicycle Club: Commute Challenge

2013 National Bike Challenge





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