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Fremont Bridge Bike Counter: A New Record

If you have ridden across the Fremont Bridge since last October, chances are you’ve noticed this electronic sign on the Northwest bikeway/sidewalk. The Fremont Bridge Bike Counter has been ticking away since October 11th 2012 counting cyclists crossing the bridge in both directions and both sides (if you haven’t tested this, I did and it picks up cyclists crossing on either side and direction).

Fremont Bridge Bike Counter
Photo courtesy of bikingseattle

Tuesday May 7th, the second day of the second week of National Bike Month marked the most cyclists to cross the bridge in a 24 hour period to date since the installation of the bike counter, 5,103 bike crossings recorded. The excellent weather that week and the fact it is Bike Month helped pushed the weekly total to over 28,000 crossings. That is a lot of bikes.  The below graph is a weekly tally of bike trips recorded since the installation of the counter.

Bike Counter Graph

Bike to Work Day is this Friday May 17th, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a new record set.



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  • Matt Alford

    May 14, 2013

    Never underestimate the power of data in pushing the agenda of the bicycle forward. I don’t know who is paying for the counter to be on the Fremont Bridge, but they are equipping Seattle with powerful information that will support the argument that continued investment in bicycle centric infrastructure is wise.

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