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The Urban Cycling Hall of Fame

It feels like things have changed in urban cycling over the last few years.  It’s being embraced by pop culture and you can see bikes and riders shown in a positive light in commercials, music and film.  Not that it’s indicative of motorists embracing those that they are expected to share the road with necessarily- but urban cycling feels more casual lately.  With a culture of it’s own, it seems it’s time to showcase those that have helped bring urban cycling to where it is today.

Enter the UCHOF.

UCHOF is a collaborative effort that celebrates the culture of urban cycling and showcases the history and people shaping the modern urban bike movement.

UCHOF Selection Committee is compromised of those individuals who have contributed to the urban cycling movement and have been assembled to cull through the nominees and select the UCHOF Class of 2013. This year’s inaugural committee includes  Kevin “Squid” Bolger, John “Prolly” Watson, Christina Peck, Austin Horse, Nelson Vails and Andy White.

UCHOF pays tribute to those individuals who have contributed significantly to the urban cycling culture and draws attention to the influence urban cycling has had in popular culture through events, products and legendary triumphs of influential cyclists. UCHOF’s mission in the first year is to collect the artifacts and stories of urban cyclists to create the Collections that will tell the story of urban cycling and educate the public on urban cycling culture.  At it’s core UCHOF was born from the desire to unite riders and gather collectibles to tell the story of where we came from and who helped us get here

As part of its launch, UCHOF is issuing an open call to the public to nominate cyclists who have contributed to the urban cycling movement.  The categories include Riders, Organizers and Makers.  Riders are recognized heroes who have earned respect from a local to global level.  Organizers are the masterminds who work behind the scenes of legendary events that play a pivotal role in the cycling culture. Makers celebrate the true artisans of our time and are those who have proven their excellence and add value to the community we live and ride in.

From September 18 – 20, 2013, UCHOF will be exhibiting and participating at this year’s Interbike in Las Vegas where they will host the First Annual Urban Cycling Award Ceremony at the Double Down on Sept 18  2013.

To nominate a cyclist into UCHOF or donate cycling memorabilia, visit



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