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100 Years of Tour de France in Photos

The 100th running of the Tour de France concluded on Sunday, a race like none other. It is considered by many to be the most prestigious sporting event of all time. Countries have risen and fallen, wars have been lost and won but the Tour de France has stood the test time. A picture is worth a thousand word right? So I thought I would share a few images from the 100 years of the epic race that has engraved in our minds both heroes and villains, brought us tales of great victories and crushing defeats.

These images, and many more here and here. And of course some history from the official Tour de France website here.

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Nine to Five 2013 – Recap and Results

  • IMG_8972
  • IMG_8933-001
  • IMG_8970
  • IMG_8921
  • IMG_8991
  • IMG_9006
  • IMG_9010
  • The riders of Nine to Five 2013
  • Checking in riders and passing out t-shirts
  • Taking over one side of Kite Hill at Gasworks
  • Just some of the food required to feed the masses at Nine to Five
  • Signing off lists for points at Ly's Donuts
  • Overlooking the city waiting for breakfast at Gasworks
  • Team Ransacked Dignity, 2013's winners

Another year, another Nine to Five! With over 100 registrants, our riders took to the streets at sunset on one of the longest nights of the year, in search of odd items and photo-ops all over our awesome city, and they came through finding everything from photobooth pictures to videos of coordinated dances to growlers filled with sand.

This was the second year we ran a three list race, with a new list being released at each stop throughout the night. this years’ lists were focused more in town, resulting on lots of familiar faces on the streets all night long.

We lucked out with great weather all night, with clouds keeping us warm all night with only a few drops in the early morning. And the end of the night, it was team Ransacked Diginity that took home the win, edging out the second place Team Garth by a small margin.



Team Points
Ransacked Dignity 343
Team OXXO 276.5
Team Rocket 265
Team T-Kex 255
Team Snacccs Handa 241
Team Disco Lights 205.5
Ill Eagles 200
Team Penis Straws 191
Team Mellons 187
Team Adventure Time 180
Lee & Crew 177
It’s Only Awkward If You Make It 174
Team Tutu 173
Team: Brogues 168
Team Glittery Weiner 157.5
Team Portland 128
The Episcopal Hiking Club 121


Thanks so much to all the participants! Our turnout went beyond our initial t-shirt order, so if you did not receive a t-shirt, please email me to be sure I have you on my list for the next order. I will be emailing the folks who signed up at the event in the next day or two. If you do not receive an email by 7/16, please get in touch!

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Girls of Summer Recap

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  • IMG_9209

  • IMG_9214

  • IMG_9205

  • IMG_9189

  • IMG_9182

  • IMG_9181

  • IMG_9170

  • IMG_9154

  • IMG_9151

  • IMG_9139

  • IMG_9147

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  • Just some of the Girls of Summer 2013
  • A few racers arriving at the GMG stop
  • Racers plan their next stop
  • Winner Marcy Sutton hits the GMG stop
  • Racer shows off her nails in front of her handiwork
  • Not SPD compatible
  • Two riders show what not to try at home
  • This year's organizers, Menstrual Monday's Heather and Monica
  • Of course the GMG crew sticks around to close out the after-party
  • Bryan enjoys his Twillight birthday drink after being given some cake during the prizes
  • Keeping Generally Nautical in mind at the after party
  • Hot days require hydration, even if you were just spectating
  • Just some GMG dudes at the girls race. The G's stand for "GUNS"
  • The prize table was seriously stacked, as always
  • Organizer Heather, enjoying the sun
  • Calling out the winners of the day to claim their rewards
  • The manifest was challenging, featuring some serious climbs
  • The outside patio at Twilight, filled with racers and friends
  • Brotherly love makes Girls of Summer a family affair
  • There is never a lack of dude volunteers for Girls of Summer
  • Menstrual Monday: every first Monday of each month!
  • The final product of the GMG stop
  • A lot of racers went home with their gloves a different color than they started
  • If I could have given out extra points, I would've given them all to cat-bike
  • Mike awaits the first racers

June 29th brought us Seattle’s third annual Girls of Summer, an all-female alleycat put together by Monica and the other riders and organizers over at Menstrual Monday. Go Means Go was on hand to run a stop and snap some photos of all the fun.

The race started at Gasworks this year, where over fifty riders assembled before being let loose on a challenging course of six stops to do be done in any order before arriving at the finish line / after party at the Twilight Exit in the CD. The stop list went something like this:

GoS Manifests

Our stop was at Marginal Way Skatepark, where had riders leave their mark in spray paint on some boards that will eventually be reused to form the underlying structure of the park. Other stops required racers to change a flat tire, enjoy a refreshing beverage, decorate their bikes and more in exchange for a painted fingernail proving they’d been to the stop.

In the end, 2012’s top female in both the Resurrection and Tour de Watertower – Marcy Sutton – got first place, taking home a complete bike donate by Raleigh. The prizes went deep though, with many girls taking home awesome stuff, from gift cards to Recycled Cycles, to awesome local hand-made cat trees, to local beer and so much more. Thanks to the women at Menstrual Monday for having us out on the course!

Menstrual Monday is a women-only, no-drop group ride on the first Monday of each month for riders of all skill levels. Be sure to check out their Facebook page for more info.

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Chrome’s Bravo Night: Undercover Safety

For years, I’ve been buying that black reflective tape from motorcycle websites to slap on helmets, fenders and whatever else to give me some undercover, always-on safety. Chrome’s “Night” line has been taking the same idea and applying it to their line of bags, the newest being a treatment of their commuter roll-top backpack, the Bravo Night ($180). I’m not one to shy away from attention – and it can save your life on the road – but sometimes it’s nice to be a bit discreet when you’re off your wheels. I have yet to see one of these in person, but I really do like the idea. Has anyone seen one of these winking back at you in your 600 lumen pedestrian blinder yet? How’d it perform?

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Review: Boombot2 portable speaker

The fine folks at Boombotix sent one of their wireless Boombot2’s over for review a while back now. In that time I’ve moved out of state and have been using it intermittently- though I’ve been quite impressed with the way it’s performed so far.


I will say that out of the gate, I was a little put off by the design- I am not typically a fan of “Japanese urban design,” or the color purple (unless it’s Purple Rain or purple drank- of course.) I put aside my preconceived notions and opened the box. Seemed simple enough with two ports: one for charging and one for a speaker input(?). Looking closer- this was a blue tooth speaker. Nice. Since I no longer have my Lifeproof case for the Iphone, I try and keep my phone protected in a pocket- so connecting via cord is not something I’m trying to do with a speaker that would likely be put to use in inclement weather.  Not a problem with the Boombot2.

So I sync’d my phone to the speaker (super easy to do) and in minutes was playing music plenty loud for riding a bike or hanging outside with about a picnic table’s worth of people.  Success!

I decided to try and give the 1/8″ jack a test- and this is where things got pretty awesome.  If you are one of the behind-the-timers that don’t have Bluetooth on your music playing machine- just plug in an 1/8″ cord into your device and the Boombot2 and Shazam!  You’re playing music on the speaker.  If you do have Bluetooth- good on ya, and you can really crank up the jams by wirelessly playing your music into the Boombot2 and THEN…. wait for it…. plugging the 1/8″ jack into a stereo AUX input and you can use it to play onto your home stereo.  20130712-114904.jpg

It sold me.  I may not be a fan of the looks- but function outweighed form in a big way for me and I’m really into this little guy now.  I’ve ridden my bike with it- used it at a jobsite that I was working on, I’ve used it tinkering in my shop quite a bit… But mainly- we use it around the house for some tunes when we’re sitting on the porch.


So that’s that.  Retailing at $70, if you’re looking for a rockin’, knockabout little speaker for life on the go- you should check out the Boombotix Boombot2.  And if Japanese urban design isn’t your jam- check out the Rex.