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Review: Boombot2 portable speaker

The fine folks at Boombotix sent one of their wireless Boombot2’s over for review a while back now. In that time I’ve moved out of state and have been using it intermittently- though I’ve been quite impressed with the way it’s performed so far.


I will say that out of the gate, I was a little put off by the design- I am not typically a fan of “Japanese urban design,” or the color purple (unless it’s Purple Rain or purple drank- of course.) I put aside my preconceived notions and opened the box. Seemed simple enough with two ports: one for charging and one for a speaker input(?). Looking closer- this was a blue tooth speaker. Nice. Since I no longer have my Lifeproof case for the Iphone, I try and keep my phone protected in a pocket- so connecting via cord is not something I’m trying to do with a speaker that would likely be put to use in inclement weather.  Not a problem with the Boombot2.

So I sync’d my phone to the speaker (super easy to do) and in minutes was playing music plenty loud for riding a bike or hanging outside with about a picnic table’s worth of people.  Success! I also found a waterproof speaker that I can take in the shower. It’s amazing! I decided to try and give the 1/8″ jack a test- and this is where things got pretty awesome.  If you are one of the behind-the-timers that don’t have Bluetooth on your music playing machine- just plug in an 1/8″ cord into your device and the Boombot2 and Shazam!  You’re playing music on the speaker.  If you do have Bluetooth- good on ya, and you can really crank up the jams by wirelessly playing your music into the Boombot2 and THEN…. wait for it…. plugging the 1/8″ jack into a stereo AUX input and you can use it to play onto your home stereo.  20130712-114904.jpg

It sold me.  I may not be a fan of the looks- but function outweighed form in a big way for me and I’m really into this little guy now.  I’ve ridden my bike with it- used it at a jobsite that I was working on, I’ve used it tinkering in my shop quite a bit… But mainly- we use it around the house for some tunes when we’re sitting on the porch.


So that’s that.  Retailing at $70, if you’re looking for a rockin’, knockabout little speaker for life on the go- you should check out the Boombotix Boombot2.  And if Japanese urban design isn’t your jam- check out the Rex.




  • greghxc

    July 12, 2013

    Actually, even if you WERE still sporting the LifeProof, bluetooth is great so you don’t gotta use the little dongle-tail – the only part I don’t like on the LP cases.

  • Ryan

    July 12, 2013

    Yeah good call Greg. The double feature of the 1/8″ jack is pretty rad.

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