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Girls of Summer Recap

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  • Just some of the Girls of Summer 2013
  • A few racers arriving at the GMG stop
  • Racers plan their next stop
  • Winner Marcy Sutton hits the GMG stop
  • Racer shows off her nails in front of her handiwork
  • Not SPD compatible
  • Two riders show what not to try at home
  • This year's organizers, Menstrual Monday's Heather and Monica
  • Of course the GMG crew sticks around to close out the after-party
  • Bryan enjoys his Twillight birthday drink after being given some cake during the prizes
  • Keeping Generally Nautical in mind at the after party
  • Hot days require hydration, even if you were just spectating
  • Just some GMG dudes at the girls race. The G's stand for "GUNS"
  • The prize table was seriously stacked, as always
  • Organizer Heather, enjoying the sun
  • Calling out the winners of the day to claim their rewards
  • The manifest was challenging, featuring some serious climbs
  • The outside patio at Twilight, filled with racers and friends
  • Brotherly love makes Girls of Summer a family affair
  • There is never a lack of dude volunteers for Girls of Summer
  • Menstrual Monday: every first Monday of each month!
  • The final product of the GMG stop
  • A lot of racers went home with their gloves a different color than they started
  • If I could have given out extra points, I would've given them all to cat-bike
  • Mike awaits the first racers

June 29th brought us Seattle’s third annual Girls of Summer, an all-female alleycat put together by Monica and the other riders and organizers over at Menstrual Monday. Go Means Go was on hand to run a stop and snap some photos of all the fun.

The race started at Gasworks this year, where over fifty riders assembled before being let loose on a challenging course of six stops to do be done in any order before arriving at the finish line / after party at the Twilight Exit in the CD. The stop list went something like this:

GoS Manifests

Our stop was at Marginal Way Skatepark, where had riders leave their mark in spray paint on some boards that will eventually be reused to form the underlying structure of the park. Other stops required racers to change a flat tire, enjoy a refreshing beverage, decorate their bikes and more in exchange for a painted fingernail proving they’d been to the stop.

In the end, 2012’s top female in both the Resurrection and Tour de Watertower – Marcy Sutton – got first place, taking home a complete bike donate by Raleigh. The prizes went deep though, with many girls taking home awesome stuff, from gift cards to Recycled Cycles, to awesome local hand-made cat trees, to local beer and so much more. Thanks to the women at Menstrual Monday for having us out on the course!

Menstrual Monday is a women-only, no-drop group ride on the first Monday of each month for riders of all skill levels. Be sure to check out their Facebook page for more info.

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