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URBANIST Cycling chamois

This seems like it could be a great project to get going- undies for the lady that wants a little more cushion for casual riding.  What do you think?

You can put your money where your mouth is, by supporting this Kickstarter campaign.

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Cogburn CB4 Fatbike

I’m not really sure what is going on here- but if you are looking for camo fatbike that you can take out fishing or hunting- Cogburn seems to be on it.  No info on the build, it’s supposed to be available in September of 2013.

Access to hard to reach places is a big part of fat bikes, and hunting is one thing I’m interested in doing with one when I procure a fat bike this fall.  If riding bicycles in Wilderness areas was allowed, I could really see this as an option for hunters.  My thought is that if motor vehicles are allowed, many hunters would choose to use a motor vehicle (ATV, snowmachine, motorbike, etc.)

It’s interesting that they say it’s “designed, finished and assembled in the USA.”

Rumor is that it will retail for around $2200.

I’m curious to see who buys this for hunting access, and who buys it for it’s paint scheme.  Also- I wish it fit 4.8″ tires…


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Legos, Bicycles & Canadians

Check out this series of Legomation videos put out by the city of Edmonton Canada. A humorous approach to public education about bicycle lanes in their city. It also confirms what I had already suspected, Canadians are strange! Although these videos do remind me of countless hours I spent as a child making Legomation in my friends basement.

Riding & Driving Safely:

Dial S for Sharrow:

Bicycle Police:

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Parkcycle: Mobile Park Life


Parkcycle, a social green space on wheels. That’s what John Bela of Rebar group and Till Wolfer of N55 had in mind when the conceived ‘Parkcycle Swarm’. consisting of four small mobile parks, the project explores the possibilities of the public sculpture, while at the same time raising awareness of cycle-power and green space trough a participatory activity. ‘Parkcycle Swarm’ invites city dwellers to pedal the mini park lands throughout the city of Baku. ‘Parkcycle’ has been specially commissioned for PARTICIPATE: Baku Public Art Festival 2013, which continues until September 17th. So if you find yourself in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan be sure and take one for a spin!

More information & photos here: Parkcycle on

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Street Books: Pedal-Powered Library

The Street Books bookbike is an adult, three-wheeled tricycle that has a specially-created box in the front. When you open it up, it has bookshelves and it can hold hundreds of books. The bookbike will be pedaling out to different locations to check out books, give away library cards, give out information about library programs and literacy projects, as well as bike maps and bike programs.Bookbike

Patrons are issued an official Street Books library card without being required to show proof of address or identification. Using an old-school library pocket and a card that patrons sign and leave with us. During our twice-weekly shifts, patrons stop by to check out and return library books. They are invited to be photographed with their book, and these photos and stories are collected at:


For more information check out Books On Bikes from SPL and

Video from Seattle Public Library on the launching of Street Books, featuring Mayor Mike McGinn.

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TdW Registration Now Open!


The Tour de Watertower uses a staggered start, with one racer leaving every two minutes. If you’d like to get your start assigned ahead of time, you can pre-register here. You will receive your assigned time within 24 hours. If you do NOT pre-register, that’s fine, too. Just show up before we start releasing racers so we can assign your time before we’re occupied getting riders out the gate on time.

Tour de Watertower 2013 Pre-Registration