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Cogburn CB4 Fatbike

I’m not really sure what is going on here- but if you are looking for camo fatbike that you can take out fishing or hunting- Cogburn seems to be on it.  No info on the build, it’s supposed to be available in September of 2013.

Access to hard to reach places is a big part of fat bikes, and hunting is one thing I’m interested in doing with one when I procure a fat bike this fall.  If riding bicycles in Wilderness areas was allowed, I could really see this as an option for hunters.  My thought is that if motor vehicles are allowed, many hunters would choose to use a motor vehicle (ATV, snowmachine, motorbike, etc.)

It’s interesting that they say it’s “designed, finished and assembled in the USA.”

Rumor is that it will retail for around $2200.

I’m curious to see who buys this for hunting access, and who buys it for it’s paint scheme.  Also- I wish it fit 4.8″ tires…


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  • ian

    August 29, 2013

    I think these bikes, or bikes like these, are used by bow hunters in alaska along with a packraft to hunt. You can put a bike like this on a packraft paddle, get off, bike for a while, then do it all again.

    See: for packrafts, they call it bikerafting.


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