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Review: The Abus U-Mini 40 U-Lock by Comparison


For most of us, our locks are often overlooked. I give mine hardly any thought until the day I accidentally leave it home. That’s not to say I don’t have opinions about locks. Some are too garishly styled. Others have “sticky” keys. Still others have a shape or size I find too big or too small to work the way I’d like. But when it comes down to it, availability is generally what dictates what I ride with, despite using it every day.

When I sat down to review the new U-Mini 40 by Abus, I figured it was time to take a more critical (or at least more informed) look at the other locks I use as well. After a few weeks of riding with the Abus, I decided to compare it to the current versions of two other locks I’ve been using for years, Kyrponite’s Evolution Mini and OnGuard’s Bulldog Mini.


Right off the bat, the Abus is a more intimidating lock. Both barrel and shackle look thicker, and it seems heavier in the hand as well. Because it is:

Abus OnGuard Kyrptonite
Width (A) 4 3/8″ 4 3/4″ 4 1/2″
Weight 2 lb, 4.3 oz 1 lb, 12.4 oz 1 lb, 14.9 oz
Shackle (B) 13.9 mm 12.8 mm 12.7 mm
Inside Length (C) 5 1/2″ 6 1/8″ 5 3/8″
Indside Width (D) 3 1/8″ 3 9/16″ 3 5/16″


The lock mechanism itself is smooth. After a week or so of riding with it, I realized the only time I was doing the “key-jiggle” I was so used to with my other locks was when I inadvertently used the wrong key. With the right key in hand, using the lock feels like a step up from the others.

The barrel locks to both posts of the shackle, which means it does not employ the “hook” end on on side like the Kyrptonite does:


I’m okay with this. The hook end can give you leverage in a tight spot, but also forces you to put the barrel in one direction (which can be a pain when the keyhole is off center like it is on the Kryptonite).

Overall, the Abus seems to fill a niche between these u-locks and the beefier Pitbull (OnGuard) and New York (Kryptonite) series locks, and the price reflects that at $60. If you’re looking for a little extra peace of mind or just a more “premium” feeling lock, this could be the place to find it.

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