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ACRE.  A division of Mission Workshop,  known for their well made urban riding accoutrements, are branching out and getting into the woods with their new line- ACRE.  I got a quick peek at Interbike, and they look great.  Many are made in the USA, with some made in Vancouver, BC.  They are using top notch fabrics and construction to make solid, albeit a little expensive equipment to enjoy the outdoors by bike.  That said- if you are out exploring on two wheels, miles from the shelter of a coffee shop or bus station- you want to know that you can count on the gear that you’re using.  Hydration packs, jackets, jerseys and shorts- “fit for riding.”

So though I haven’t used these products, I can say with a fair amount of confidence that if you are in the market for quality riding gear for the outdoors- give them a look.

Available at higher end shops as well as online HERE

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