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First Glance: ABUS Granit X-Plus U 54 Mini

ABUS isn’t new to the lock/security game (they’ve been in business since 1924), but as of late they’ve really been pushing their bike locks and bike specific products to the North American market. They were also a major sponsor of this years NACCC which was held in Seattle back in July. I’ve been using the same Kryptonite Evolution Mini U Lock for the last 5 years, so when ABUS sent over their new Granit X-Plus U 54 Mini I was excited to try it out.

Here is what ABUS has to say about it:
The Granit X-Plus U 54 Mini, this lock is the highest level of security we offer in a bicycle U-Lock – but featuring a shorter shackle. The lock retains the wide profile of its full size siblings in the Granit X-Plus U lock family, which makes it ideal for cities that have reinforced parking meters available for bike parking and where high security is needed.   The best part is that because of the shorter profile, it’s more affordable:  $109.99 retail. Check out the full line of ABUS bike locks HERE.


My First Lock-Up: The Granit X Plus 54 U Mini has almost the same length shackle as my old lock, but it is wider, appears more sturdy and is slightly heavier in the hand. The lock body is a little bulky with a plastic cover, but the locking action and turning motion of the key is remarkably smooth. The automatic keyhole cover is pretty slick too. I’ll be reporting back with a full review after some daily miles and lock ups, stay tuned…

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