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New fatbike shirts!

So I had this idea.  And I sent that idea scribbled on a napkin to Koos, who has actual talent.  We worked together (well, he worked and I made suggestions) and came up with a pretty bad ass shirt design- if I don’t say so myself.

When I was in grade school- my friend Olen had a shirt that I thought was SO COOL.  It had the image below on it.

I thought it was amazing.  It got even better when he got in trouble for it and had to turn it inside out.  And so began a lifetime of rebellion.

Near thirty years later, we now we have this:



And we put it on tee shirts.  And you can buy them HERE for $20.  They are printed in Alaska, and go to the post office via fatbike.  How cool is that?  Because when nature calls…



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