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Chrome reflective camo 2nd issue

I’ve got three things for you from Chrome.

  1. Deceptively safe.
  2. Made in USA.
  3. Guaranteed for Life.

Welcome the 2nd issue of Chrome’s reflective camo.  Unnoticeable by day, reflective at 100 feet under light.

Using a Swedish M90 Geometric Camo, overlaid with a reflective glass bead rain camo pattern, it looks like they’ve got something good going.

Because reflective doesn’t have to be a yellow jacket.

As always, support your LBS- but if you live on the moon, or some other place you can’t get Chrome gear, check them out online.

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Feedback Sports Velo Hinge

The thing about bikes, is sometimes you aren’t riding them.  Feedback Sports had a pretty slick option at Interbike this year- one that might cost a little more than a $2 hook, but it looks a lot better, and allows for closer packing of bikes- you might be able to fit 6 in the space that you could fit 5 before.  Turning your wall into something like a poster display rack at Walmart- but in a good way.


I’m not certain the max tire width that’ll fit, but for most bikes out there, It’ll be just fine.  $24.99 and it’s yours.

Those folks at Feedback sure do have some thinkers on staff. Keep it up!


The Blackburn Ranger Program

Interested in being a brand ambassador for Blackburn?  Here’s your chance.

They are looking for “Rangers” for 2014, and you have until February 15th to apply.  This from Blackburn:

Are you a cyclist with an adventurous soul? Someone who likes to capture your stories along the road? Maybe you’re a seasoned bikepacker, well-versed in traversing back roads and trails. Maybe you’re just getting into adventure cycling – testing out overnight trips and yearning for more.  Definitely you’re somebody who passionately believes in the idea that viewing the world can be better by bike.

At Blackburn we design product for those who embody this spirit of adventure, and in support of this community we’re recruiting 4 new brand ambassadors for 2014.  Nicknamed “Rangers”, our ambassadors provide the ultimate test of our products and bring them into real world situations as they tackle journeys along the Pacific Coast and Great Divide routes. Blackburn Rangers work directly with our designers and engineers to deliver invaluable product feedback as well as advocate for bicycling touring, share their journeys and adventures along the routes and encourage everyone to get “Out There.”
 If you’re interested in traveling the Pacific Coast Bicycle Route or the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route and sharing your stories along the way–as well as testing out our latest and greatest gear–you just might be the perfect candidate to be a Blackburn Ranger.
You can check out a number of their videos like the one below, on their WEBSITE.
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The Swobo Road Show, with Van Halen

Swobo has a windowless van and a plan.  They are hitting the road onboard the van, Halen to spread the good word of Swobo- while sharing pizza and beer with those lucky enough to cross paths with them on this trip around these United States.  They have a tentative schedule, connecting with shops from Colorado to South Carolina.  (Unfortunately they are skipping Alaska this time around.)

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetThe tentative details:

Also keep an eye out on the website- because they have a few new bikes coming out.  One being:  The Mutineer.  A single speed specific mountain bike(ish) offering that looks like loads of fun.  An alloy frame with a 27.5″ wheelset (with Kenda Honeybadger tires,) it’s belt drive compatible, has a (80mm) suspension corrected rigid fork, disc brakes, a bunch of Swobo parts, and it comes in at a cool $999.  That’s like Evil and a half.  Only available in matte black, because you don’t really need anything else.  I cop’d a photo from BikeRumor, who will be following the tour with internet postings and the like.

Swobo_MutineerThe bike should be on the Swobo site here in the next few days, and it ships in March.

So if they’re coming through your town-  pinch Murph’s cheek, get to know the bikes, and drink all the beers- as I would do.



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Cold-Rolled. Fatbike singletrack in Marquette, Michigan

Fat bikes don’t always mean slow bikes.  In Marquette, Michigan and places with more ridership than we see in small town Alaska, people are getting together to make trails.  Not only slow and steady trails, these folks have the need for some speed.  Marquette is making great strides to promote winter trails, and they’re making a movie about it.  Here’s what they’ve got- 15 miles of winter singletrack? Yes please:

COLD ROLLED-Full Length Film from Clear & Cold Cinema on Vimeo.

Not bad if you ask me.
Well done.
Check out Clear & Cold Cinema on FB

As well as all the trailers and edits on Vimeo

And then, who wants to go to Marquette with me?